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YFA 2667



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This film by Doncaster Cine Club shows a trip to Farndale, near Doncaster, and captures the countryside around the River Dove.

Title - Farndale

The film opens with a close up of a plaque that reads 'Thou who hast given me eyes to see and love this site so fair, give me a heart to find out thee and read thee everywhere'. Sheep graze in a field before the filmmaker shows a shot of the River Dove. A man and woman then walk across a grassy area surrounded by many trees. This is followed by shots of the area wild daffodils and more shots of the river.

A small fall is then captured with water trickling down, and the filmmaker finds other parts of the stream where the water flows over rocks and down gentle slopes. Next, several views show a large patch of wild daffodils by the banks of the river.

A group of people walk down a path through, and then there is a lengthy sequence which shows ducks in the river and in their nest. A country cottage is then shown, followed by further views of the river and various close ups of the Daffodils. The final shot shows a sign in the grass that says 'The End'.