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YFA 3418



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This film documents a year on the North Ing's Farm in North Yorkshire, featuring many of the agricultural duties such as harvesting, pest control and general repair work.

The film opens with a long shot of a field at North Ing's Farm. An interior shot then shows a man, wearing blue overalls and a workman's cap, in a workshop preparing and using an oxyacetylene welder. In another building on the farm used for grain storage, a man vigorously cranks the shaft of an engine providing the power to a cement mixer that grain is place in - possibly to dry or crush it. The grain is then emptied from the machine and a close up shows a man letting it run through his hands.

Out in a large field, a man conducts a soil test with various scientific instruments. Views then capture two men knocking a wooden pole into the ground with a sledge hammer before scattering slug pellets around it. The two famers clear the entrance to an animal burrow with shovels, before one man, with a mask over his face, opens a tin called 'CYMAG', which is a now banned pesticide. He scoops some powder CYMAG from the tin and places in the burrow, quickly filling the entrance with earth afterwards.

The two farmers then unload bags of 'Nitram' fertiliser into a trailer. The filmmaker then gets into a car and follows the tractor as the fertiliser is distributed, with a close up showing granules amongst the soil. Interior scenes then show a man planting seeds into a tray, before a man working at a desk studies his accounts. Moving on, heavy rain falls and the soil becomes sodden, with close ups showing the various draining applications that are used throughout the farm. The seeds from earlier now have shoots.

There follows an extensive series of long shots that capture the farm buildings and surrounding land.

The next scenes capture farmers ploughing a field and a man using a scythe to get rid of overgrowing weeds that cover the drainage ditches. Building and mechanical repairs, such as a man fixing a slate roof, then become the focus. An extensive sequence shows the ploughing of a field, with the filmmaker capturing the process from a variety of angles. Interior shots show the driver at work before the film moves outside to show the implements attached to a plough.

Time passes. The brown fields now have thriving crops and a panning shot of a field in summer shows the large amounts of rape that the farm produces. A man in an overcoat and hat walks through the fields with the rape at shoulder height. The film then cuts to the farmhouse where more repair work takes place.

In the next sequence men go into the hay-barn and repair the floor by covering it with a new layer of concrete. Out in the fields, machines help to harvest the year's crop that is then bundled into bales. Close ups show all the various processes that take place. The bales are then taken to the hay-barn where they are piled up for storage. The film closes with one field being sprayed with pesticide and another shot of a green field.