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YFA 3847



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This film captures the animals in the wintery conditions of the farm at Market Weighton as well as horseracing. Sheep, pigs and cows graze in the snow covered fields and farm land.

The farmer herds his flock of sheep down a country lane. In the fields the farmer feeds the sheep and lambs in a metal trough, and within a separate field, the farmer also feeds the cows extra food in a trough.

An aeroplane flying over the farmlands captures aerial footage from the cockpit of the aeroplane. Animals in their various pens on the farm include turkeys, cows and a large bull along with sheep lined up to be sheered by the farmer.

Kiplingcoat horse races are taking place down the long country road. Men and women are gathered at the finishing post at the beginning of the race as the riders are weighed before they ride. The horses race down the long stretch of road as spectators gather at the side of the road.