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YFA 2456



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film includes footage of the family farm showing many of the tasks which take place on a farm such as the process involved in haymaking as well as clear shots of the animals which they raise.

The film opens with a brief shot of a cricket match before moving onto scenes of a family playing in the garden. The children are playing with many kittens, and some of them play up for the camera.

People are walking through town streets near a large building, possibly a stately home. They then make their way around the well-landscaped gardens. Children ride tricycles around the garden paths. There are also deer which graze on the estate grounds. Back at the entrance, the family poses for the camera.

The next section of the film takes place at the beach, possibly Filey. Children are playing in the water, splashing about, and some of them play in the sand building sandcastles.

Back in the front garden, children play with a rabbit. This is followed by a scene of a carnival ride where boats travel around in a circle, similar to that of a merry-go-round. There are shots of the farm, and the parents wear sunglasses.

Farmhands are working the field, harvesting bales of hay with the use of a combine harvester. The man driving the tractor waves at the camera, and other workers remove sacks of grain from the harvester. They then load them onto the back of a truck which will take them to the barn.

The next scene takes place in a front garden where two older couples sit and enjoy the sunshine. This brief scene is followed by more footage of harvesting the crops out in the fields. Again workers move huge sacks of grain from the harvester to the back of a lorry.

There is a brief scene of children playing in the garden before returning to the work of the farm. The tuck, loaded with bales of hay, heads back to the barn. Here the hay is unloaded. A man uses a digger to shovel manure which steams as he lifts it, and there are shots of the pigs in their pen. This is followed by footage of some of the cattle which is raised at the farm as well as the farmhands taking a tea break, drinking from large white mugs and eating buns.

The next portion of the film takes place in Scotland. There are shots of small boats lined up next to a pier, possibly on a lake. This is followed by footage of Edinburgh Castle and scenes of the surrounding city and monuments. There is also footage of a petting zoo where animals are shown in close-up.

Women are in a garden with a new baby, and the older children are playing on a swing. This is followed by footage of Harewood House and the surrounding estate grounds. There are scenes around the Reighton Methodist Church where make their way into the small church. One woman in a wheelchair is helped up the steps to the entrance. The film closes with shots of the surrounding countryside.