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YFA 1425



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This film contains footage of agricultural practice in the 1930s followed by footage of a garden.

The film opens on a field with cows grazing, a farmhouse in the background. The film then cuts to a pond with cows drinking from it. A young horse is also drinking. This horse is then shown walking away from the camera with two larger working horses, then standing in a field with them. There are lots of piglets in a sty running around. Some gather round an adult pig, perhaps their mother, who is tied down.

A man drives a horse drawn plough and a man with a pitchfork collects up hay. He wears black trousers, a flat cap, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and a waistcoat. All the other farms wear fairly similar clothes. There is a hay bailing machine which has a tall conveyer belt which piles a large amount of hay. Two men stood on top of the pile use pitchforks to arrange the hay. There is a sequence which shows a pond with swans on.

A farmer uses a mechanical thresher without horses in one of his fields (registration: AUB269), contrasting with the previous horse drawn machine before, highlighting changes in agriculture and showing technological advancement.

There is a landscape of a field of wheat and then a close up of an ear of it. Then there is a flowery garden, a close up of a bee on an orange flower, and then a close up of a butterfly. The filmmaker uses an iris affect with display flowers close up. He also uses a split screen effect to show two lily pad flowers simultaneously. A blue vase with white spots is displayed in a room, holding some of the flowers from the garden. A heron stands by the pond.

In the garden during winter, a bird is foraging for snow, and then is shown (it is presumably the same bird) sitting in a man's hand.