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YFA 3850



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This is a family film taken of the owners of Arras Farm in Market Weighton. Included is footage of the family walking around the land and some of the livestock at the farm.

The film opens with a baby wearing a white bonnet who is sitting up in a pram.

Farmers dressed in hunting uniforms are riding horses. They lead a pack of hounds down a country road. An aeroplane is parked in a field before it is flown over the farm land.

Two boys and a girl play together with a dog in a meadow. It is located next to a stile in between the fields. A man walks up to the farm building along the road and stands next to the sign "David Patmore." Cows graze in the farm fields. A farmer and his workers drive a combine harvester through the fields collecting the crops. Horses graze in farm fields. On a race course horses run down the track lined with spectators.

A little girl walks around a garden watering the flowers with a watering can. In the background a man mows the lawn as the girl walks around in the garden looking at the flowers. The little girl sits with her mother next to the pond in the garden, putting her hands in the water to catch the fish. On a country lane, the family are riding their bicycles together. Outside the house in the garden the children play together on the lawn.

The film closes with views of the farm land and surrounding countryside covered with thick snow. Sheep on the hillside are grazing in the snow.