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YFA 2435



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film includes footage of the family farm showing many of the tasks which take place on a farm such as the process involved in haymaking as well as clear shots of the animals which they raise.

The film opens with men moving piles of hay with the aid if pitchforks. They feed the hay onto a conveyor belt which takes it into a machine. The men then have a tea break, and they can be seen enjoying large mugs of tea and buns. This is followed by footage of the tractors out on the fields. A combine harvester is used to harvest the grain. The grain is fed out the top of the machine and poured into a truck which dives alongside the tractor. The hay is then fed out the back of the machine and back onto the field. The workmen carry out this task on a sunny day. The truck then drives back to the barn where it empties all the grain into a machine which filters it. A woman carrying a picnic basket approaches, and she and a man have lunch while seated on covered hay bales. This is followed by more shots of the hay being cut and gathered into bales in the field.

The next scene involves events of the Great Yorkshire Show. A man is riding a cow in the arena, and there are a few other riders and cows. Then, the man rides the cow and jumps through a flaming ring.

Back at the farm, a woman uses a machine to weigh pigs. This is followed by extensive footage of the many animals at the farm including sheep in the fields with their lambs, cattle, rabbits, and more pigs in their pen. Some of the cattle are herded down a country lane, and there are scenic views of the countryside which overlooks the coastline.

The next scene takes place at a zoo. Again, there is extensive footage of the animals at the zoo including deer and monkeys as well as sea lions and flamingos. Some of the children are able to pet the tamer animals.

A woman holds a baby up for the camera, and there is a brief shot of a priest and other family members. This shot scene is possibly related to a christening.

This is followed by a brief section documenting the beginning of a hunt. The hounds run down a village street towards a field. They are followed by men and women on horseback who will participate in the hunt. All are gathered for the start of the hunt, and there are spectators gathered as well. At the end, a girl waves a foxtail while she poses on her horse.

There is a brief scene of what appears to be an oilrig out at sea.

In town, a woman walks with a baby attached to a harness. There is brief footage of the ladies of the family in town.

Back at the farm, a little boy feeds the chickens. He empties out a bucket full of seed onto the ground. The bucket is nearly as big as he is. After which, he plays around with the chickens, occasionally scaring them away from the feed.

At the family house, the mother poses with her children on the front steps. They are having a snack, and the little boy plays in the front garden. The film ends with scenes of horse jumping and the family posing with the horse.