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YFA 2955



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This film provides glimpses of farm life at Arras Farm, Market Weighton. Livestock featured includes cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens. There is a particular focus on rabbits and the process of rabbit farming, and horses seen very briefly at the end of the film.

The film opens with a shot of the town square, and there is a van parked on the left. Two cars drive through the town. There is an aerial view of the town, flying over fields and a farm. Friesian cattle and a few Herefords are in a field, and a herd of mixed sheep is put into pens in the middle of a field.

Now a field of pigs, a large truck and trailer unload more pigs into the field. Hen huts in a field. Lots of chickens, and there are two men hoeing a field. There is an irrigation pump and budgies in a cage. An aeroplane sprays the crop in a field.

Three combine harvesters are in a row. A truck brings a load of straw into the yard. Three farmers each lead three Hereford bulls on helters. Another farmer leads a young heifer out.

A herd of Herefords in the field with calves feeding. The cows are herded in from the field into the shed. The farmer opens a stall in the shed to let a bull run among the cows.

Farmer herds the sheep in the field. A ram is heltered up. Sheep on a trailer are filtered into a passage where they are sprayed with dip before they return back to the field.

A man walks into a small shed full of rabbit hutches and begins to feed them. The same man with a bucket walks into a large shed full of rabbits. He stops at one pen, rummages amongst what appears to be fluff but actually is a nest of baby rabbits.

He picks up an older rabbit, puts a mark in its ears, then punctures its ear with a small clamp. He puts the rabbit into a basket with other rabbits, then puts them in their own hutch and begins to feed other rabbits with some leaves.

A greenhouse full of the plants we have just seen the man feeding the rabbits with. Rabbits in a cage are eating leaves. The man holds up a rabbit skin to the camera then hammers it onto a board next to other rabbit skins.

A man tightens something on a tractor in a shed (a bolt/nut?). The tractor drives out of the shed, down a road past a house being built.

Horses and foals graze in a field, which they are then lead out of. End.