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YFA 2961



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This film documents many examples of farm machinery and processes at Arras Farm in Market Weighton. Also included are a few shots of Kiplingcote Races, sheep, lambs, and hand sheering.

A pub called 'The Black Horse,' can be seen on the road side. It is near a sign which reads 'Goodmanham'. There is a small door in the side of the church behind a gravestone, and the church and graveyard can be seen from a distance.

There is a farm yard, and a barn is in the background with carts in it and a mound of straw. A grain drill is in the centre of the yard with a cover on it. A farmhouse by the side of a road with a large pond next to it.

There is an off-road (a.k.a. road-less) tractor with discs. Fordson E27N with harrows. Fordson E" & N Roadless with discs. A car pulls into the farm yard. A man gets out and is greeted by the farmer and his dog. They walk together across the yard towards a field. The farmer pulls a white sack out of a mobile wooden hut in the field.

The front door of a large house, a young man leaves and a young woman watches him from the step of the house. A different man stands holding a horse in front of a stable. A long road, and two jockeys ride on galloping horses. A man on foot runs behind them.

People gather on the roadside. More horses and jockeys now, one jockey stands with his horse for the camera. A tall white post reads "Kiplingcotes Winning Post J R R 1927". Underneath it stands an official looking man in a hat and long black overcoat, next to two jockeys who stand with their horses.

Three men stand in a field behind a robot potato planter, getting it ready to work. The tractor reverses.

A tractor with a trailer load of turnips reverses into a building. A man climbs on the back and begins to unload the turnips by hand. A man in another shed shovels some sheep feed into a sack, carries it to the sheep in a field and puts it in a trough for them.

Three men stand in a field, each with a sheep heltered up. Another man comes to inspect one of the sheep. They all loosen the helters and let the sheep return to the flock.

A farmer with another sack of sheep food feeds a different flock. They catch one of the sheep and inspect its wool. There is a ewe with a lamb. The ewe walks off so the farmer picks up the lamb and the ewe begins to follow.

A boy loads turnips into a turnip chopper as his father turns the handle on the side to work it.

A herd of Hereford cows stand in a large pen outside. A man hand shears a sheep which is rigged on a bench. A 'Bowser' (large tank) on the back of a truck is being filled with water from the river for spraying.

The filled tank is now in a field. An agro-sprayer sprays the field, stops to refill with water from the tank and a farmer mixes chemicals in the back. A man demonstrates the arms of the sprayer moving. Fordson N tractor in field with a full width seed broadcaster. A dog runs in front.