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NEFA 20836



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An amateur film made by John Fraser, a farm labourer, showing farming activities taking place on and around Hart Warren Farm, Middle Warren Farm and Throston Grange Farm near Hartlepool in around 1964.

The film begins with views around the farm showing various farm animals including a white horse known as 'Carousel'. A group of children stand outside a door. They are identified as Ian & Anthony Fraser and their cousins Christopher and David Ogles.   

In a field on the Middle Warren Farm a tractor turns hay. A combine harvester works on a field of wheat. Other workers bundle the straw into “stooks”. A bailer pulled by a tractor moves through a field. A man stands on the sled that is attached to the back of the bailer.   

General view of Hart Mill with two men making traditional baled hay stacks for display as part of Hart Show.

The following scene records views of the Stokesley Agricultural Show including a display of farm machinery for John H. Gill & Sons. Cattle are lead around a ring watched over by a large crowd. Views from a sheep dog trial.

General views of terraced housing and a man walking along Front Street in Hart.

General views of potatoes being kicked out of the ground by a machine and being picked by men and women wearing sack aprons.

General views of snowy landscape around Throston Grange Farm followed by a view of a field of snow covered turnips.

Anna Fraser plays with a number of lambs in a field.

The film ends with views of Hartlepool Reservoir.