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NEFA 21945



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A short humorous student film made by member of the cast and production crew of ‘Fangs for the Memory’ in the grounds of Bede College, Durham. Playing up to the camera they are filmed snatching various title cards from each other’s hands as the cards are passed around. The final part of the film shows two of the cards either being stomped on or being set on fire.  

The film opens on a view of six students looking at the camera; four are seated on a bench. One stands behind the bench and one is sitting on a wall behind all of them, with his head out of the shot.

Five of the assembled students hold up cards with credits or titles written on them. One reads ‘Fangs for the Memory’ another reads ‘The End’. Others have a list of credits showing performers or the production team.

They play a game whereby the one without a card snatches it from the person next to them or above.

The film cuts showing one of the cards on the floor in flames. It reads ‘Bede College Film and Television Department Presents’.

The film cuts back to the seated group of students, where one of them takes one of the title cards and tears in half. Then they continue with the snatching game.

[Fade out to black]

The film cuts to the group again. The student sitting on the wall stands up and leaps over the others on the bench and lands on the pavement in front of them. One of the students on the bench stands up and faints, the others follow suit, until they all end up in a heap on the ground.