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NEFA 20945



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A spoof vampire movie made by students of Bede College Film & Television Department, Durham, and filmed mainly at night to practice shooting in low light. A vampire attacks a young woman in a dark alleyway and drinks her bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale rather than her blood. After an article in the Durham Advertiser about the murder, a local hero entraps the vampire, dressing up as a woman and carrying bottles of Bass Ale. After discovering the vampire's "lair", he kills the vampire.

Title: Bede College Film & Television Department Presents.

Title: Fangs for the Memory.

In the opening sequence a young woman in a cloak leaves The Woodsman Inn on Gilesgate. Carrying a wicker basket, she walks down a darkened alley.

Beside a leafless tree a bearded man in a long dark cloak, flat cap and fangs stands up. He jumps down from the tree and leaps onto the woman knocking her to the ground. They struggle.

The vampire opens a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale from the basket using his teeth and downs the content quickly. He drinks another bottle.

General view of the woman lying on the ground beside a number of empty Newcastle Brown Ale bottles. One of the bottles rolls down the alleyway.  The vampire drunkenly walks away.

The film cuts to a shot of an edition of the ‘Durham Advertiser’ lying on a bed. The headline reads: ‘Vampire Killer Arrives in Secret Today’ 

A young man with long hair stands beside a sink in front of a small mirror and wipes his face with a towel. He picks up the newspaper and reads the headline.

At a desk the hero looks at pictures of vampires in a book. He sits back in his chair and looks thoughtful.

The film cuts to another darkened alleyway and the vampire standing at the top of a set of steps. Below, walking beside a wall comes the hero in a cloak and carrying a basket, pretending to be a woman.

The vampire attacks the hero and they struggle. The hero falls to the ground and the vampire takes a bottle from his basket. He opens and drinks from it before spitting it on the ground in disgust. The beer is a bottle of Bass Ale.

The vampire leans down to attack the hero who pulls out a silvery triangular symbol for Bass and shines it in the vampire’s eyes. The vampire gets up and runs away.

General views of the hero chasing the vampire across a concrete walkway, over a wall, down a metal ladder and along a darkened alleyway. Beside a door the vampire crawls under a small alcove.

The hero arrives at the door next to the alcove and looks in a window in which a candle is burning.

The film cuts back to the hero’s bedroom in daytime. The hero places a wooden hammer into a suitcase and closes it.

Back at the house with a candle burning in the window, the hero enters via the alcove. Inside a basement the vampire is laying on the ground surrounded by burning candles and beer crates.

The hero takes the hammer and small wooden stake from the suitcase and hammers the stake into the chest of the vampire. The hand of the vampire rests against a white wall and blood comes from his mouth.

The vampire transforms into a skeleton.  The hero, standing against a wall inside the basement, looks relieved.

Title: The End.

End Credit: Vampire, David Durkin. The Girl, Laura Bertram. The Hero, Philip Townend.

End Credit: Production team: Gordon Eaton, Chris Elmer. Sheila Holman, Steve Johnson, Bran J.P. Scally, John Stewart, Richard Straughan..