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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and shows how fancy yarns are made at the William Hutchinson (Yarns) Ltd factory outside Bradford. The narrator explains how the different machines work in order to spin individual threads in fancy yarns for the fashion market. There are shots of the factory operatives, the yarns and the clothing that they are turned into.  This film also provides a good example of the more diverse workforce in West Yorkshire's textile industry.

Title-Wm. Hutchinson (Yarns) Ltd. Present

Title-Fancy Yarn Production

The opening shot is of the yarn factory at Holybrook Mills and the voiceover says that fancy yarns are being used in more and more fashion knitwear markets. The company have a unit at Green Gates on the outskirts of Bradford and the voiceover says that it is one of the most up-to-date in the world. The voiceover continues on to say that this film will show all of the different types of fancy yarn and also the various problems that can arise due to faulty machinery or lack of concentration from operatives.

There are 36 yarn twisting machines in a large factory unit; two women are working on some of the machines, tying off threads and removing spindles. The voiceover gives a description of the single twist process and describes how the machine makes this yarn and what types of material are used. There are many shots of specific parts of the machinery as the yarn is being twisted. There are some shots of some of the operatives replacing empty spindles. Through the use of some footage the voiceover describes some problems that can occur when yarn isn't threaded the correct way.

The next stage is second stage twisting of the yarn. Again there are shots of various machine parts and explanation of how it's done and the problems that can occur; there are some over the shoulder shots of Indian operatives working on the machines.

Following this are shots of another machine being worked on by several operatives who are transferring the yarn from the smaller cones onto larger cones. Once the yarn is on the larger cone, they are sent for inspection and packing. A woman checks each item for the correct lot numbers and the quality of the wind. If they fail her inspection then she sends them back to the factory floor.

The following machine has coloured yarn and the voiceover says that an effect thread is run through the yarn. He then talks about another effect yarn called a Slub Yarn and this is followed by shots of the machine spinning the yarn. For each machine and type of yarn, the voiceover explains how that type of yarn is made, what materials are used to make it, and what problems can occur. The next effect yarn had a gold fashion effect running through it and this is spun on another machine.

Towards the end of the film the voiceover goes back through the different yarns that are made, what type of threads go into them and the mistakes that can occur. This is accompanied by shots of each stage of the process.

The final section of the film comprises a model wearing different outfits made from these different types of yarns. She poses in several locations including on a bridge, in a field picking flowers and in a park. The final shot is the factory shot from the beginning of the film.

Title-Produced by C.H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd.

Title-For Wm. Hutchinson (Yarns) Ltd Bradford England.