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YFA 508



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This is a film of a family at home and at the seaside, and also of a family wedding.

The film begins with two small boys standing outside a greengrocer’s and then playing on a street corner with a dog.  Next they are in their back garden with a little girl, who is shown briefly on a swing with her mother.  The children are then near a river with two women. They feed some swans.  One of the small boys is again outside the shop, before being back in the garden with the little girl and two adults. Then the children are on a beach, before one of the boys has a ride on a cart carrying a ladder being pushed along a street by a man.  A mother shows off a new-born baby.  Two mothers walk along a street with prams, and then are back again in the garden.  The baby sits on the lap of a man in an army uniform, with the mother, and the small boy, who is holding a comic.  An elderly couple, possibly grandparents, are in the garden with them.

The film switches to an outdoor swimming pool, where there is a children's pool.  After some time swimming and going down a slide into the pool, a man and a child are seated on an 'umbrella' ride.  A pub is shown.  The children spend more time playing in the garden, with the baby now big enough to crawl.  They play with a typewriter indoors, and get taken on a pram ride.  The boy riding on the cart with the ladders is again shown.  They are accompanied by a woman pushing a pram. Two of the small children go up the steps to their house and are back in the garden, one holding a mug.

Then the film switches again to the seaside, looking at the seagulls and sitting on the grass overlooking the beach.  Back at home, the baby is given a bath in a tin tub.  There is a home-made sign announcing 'Johnnie's 1st birthday', surrounded by dolls.  An elderly couple push a pram along a cobbled street, past an advertisement board for 'Will's Wild Woodbine'.  Back at home mother lights the single candle on the cake.  Then there is another home-made announcement for 'Mother's Wedding 1940'.  Mother gives a pram, with two small children in it, a push up a hill and lets go, catching it when it rolls back down again.  Back in the garden the baby sucks a rubber ball whilst mother hangs out the washing, and the boy rides in a small pedal car.  Then the children are again on a pebbled beach, playing with buckets and spades with their mother.

The film switches to people arriving at a church.  Some are carrying bouquets of flowers.  An elderly couple of newlyweds emerge from the church and are covered in confetti.  They get into their waiting car and are driven off.  Back in the garden, Johnnie is now walking on his own.  He is picked up by a man in an army uniform.  His mother pushes him in a pram down a street.   A group of elderly men watch as a brass band, possibly the Salvation Army, goes past.  It looks as if soldiers are filing into a church.

Then the film switches to show a couple of adults in deep snow, and a very feint sign for 'Dig for Victory'.  An elderly gardener oils a lawnmower and mows the lawn, whilst two women are sitting in deckchairs, watching.  A woman and two girls hold up gardening tools.  The family then have tea sitting outside at a table, with Johnnie not very happy.  But then Johnnie walks around the lawn naked, except for a sun hat on.  Then, dressed, he waters some potted plants.

The film switches again to show a sign stating: 'All reverence is due to this sacred spot.  This ancient chapel is built over the holy well of S Trillig, a Celtic saint of the sixth century' (Rhos-on-Sea, 2 miles NW of Colwyn Bay).  Next the family are shown back again in their back garden, with Johnnie playing cricket with his granddad, and the film finishes with Johnnie pretending to be riding a horse.