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YFA 1552



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This film documents family scenes and a wedding in the Arnett family in the late 1920s. It is followed by two commercial films featuring Charlie Chaplin and Mickey Mouse; however, these films will not be catalogued here.

The film opens with the family in the back garden. The camera goes around to each member of the family focusing closely on their faces. There is a little girl who rides around on a tricycle and also plays on the swing. Children play in the back garden, examine a birdbath, and have a picnic.

There is a brief scene of camping by the river and making a meal before moving onto scenes of the wedding. The newlyweds walk out of the meeting hall and pose for pictures. Guests throw rice at the couple in celebration, and they drive off in a car headed for the reception. At the reception there is a shot of the wedding cake before the film end with a few beach scenes and children in the back garden playing with the family dog.