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YFA 3692



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This film, from the Cyril Higginson collection, shows a group of adults and children having fun outdoors during the 1940s and 1950s. The shots include the group having fun and games in a garden in the countryside, playing a game of tug-of-war and a garden party in Riddlesden in West Yorkshire.

A group of older women and teenage girls are sitting in a garden; one of the women is knitting as she talks. The camera moves to show that there are lots of other people in the garden including children playing on the swings. In another area, a group of men practice their golf swings and laugh at each other.

Title-That man again

One of the men is dressed as Hitler and jumps off a wall holding an open umbrella. He walks over to another man who pretends to shoot him to the ground.

The group all gather together in front of the camera, smiling and joking.

Title-For Milton

Title-Feeding Time

One of the men feed another man from a baby bottle.

Title-What rations can do

There is a tug-of-war game and the women all fall backwards; they fall around the place laughing. Then the men do the same thing and again there are shots of them all laughing. Some of the men, women and children play jump rope, with some of the adults falling down and laughing as they try to jump in and stay in. Some other men have tied ropes to a pole and swing around it. There are close ups of some of the people watching and laughing.

Title-Picnic at Mrs Coppins 1940.

This section is black & white

A man feeds two sheep with bottles and looks at the camera.

Title-The same old gang.

A group of the men and women pose for the camera and then the man with the sheep pretends to feed two of the women with their bottles.

One of the men is in a field swinging a young girl around and around. When he puts her down she veers off to one side.

Some of the group are now seated in a wooden cart while some of the others stand where the horses go; they begin to walk along pulling it.

Title-The band wagon

One of the men puts the heavy horse collar around another man's neck and then they move off again in the cart and pull it a long way up the lane.

Title-Grammar School 1940

Title-Our nineteen fourty (sic) chairman

A man and a woman stand and smile at the camera while some children slide down a slide. There are shots of some of the men playing cricket.

Title-Milton on the job.

One of the men climbs onto the slide and lands with a bump on his bottom; he makes a face but them slides down again.

A group of the women sit in field talking; there is a close up of one of the woman who is wearing a hat.

Title-Ada goes to it.

The woman with the hat is knitting away and smiles at the camera. The following shots are of the men and women playing cricket together and joking about and hanging on to each other.

Title-Watch that man

One of the men catches one of the women as she runs towards him and then he trips up another woman by jumping down in front of her.

Title-Oh you

Then they play a game of British Bull Dog and a couple of men try to catch the women as they run by.

Title-A few of the boys.

There are shots of the individual men in the group.

Title-Garden party at Riddlesden.

Some men are seated on a stage and woman makes a speech. Then there are shots of a man talking to a group of Scouts.


Title-Trip to the lakes.

The camera pans across the front garden of a house and captures many of the gang who are smiling. Then there is a shot of a town centre and little groups of people walk along the street. In a field, the gang gather and smile at the camera with one woman jokingly putting flowers on the head of one of the men. There is a shot of a lake from a distance, and then the camera pans to the right to give a view of the lake and the mountains behind it in the distance. The gang walk towards the camera and then the scene changes and they are all on a boat on the lake. They come ashore and the lake and other boats are visible behind them.


Title-Garden Party at Mr W Andertons.

Title-Sun July 10

The camera captures two women who are sitting in the garden having a drink from cups and talking. Following this are shots of the guests sitting on benches, in little huts, on chairs and on the grass in various parts of the garden. They sit and lie about chatting and enjoying the sun.

A group of young boys watch a woman as she has a go at archery. Then some of the men start playing football and what appears to be a game of Horse Shoes. One of the women exclaims as a metal shoe lands very near her.

In the next section the group are sitting at several small tables eating sandwiches and having cups of tea from china tea sets; they all smile at the camera. There is a very large group shot and then more shots of the boys doing archery.