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YFA 4200



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This film is from a collection of films made by Leeds based filmmaker Jack Goldberg. The collection consists of footage from family holidays, weddings, family food shop located at 80 Street Lane In Leeds, and family activities. As the family are Jewish there are a lot of interesting insights into the family traditions, foods and religious customs. This film documents the family's trip to Otley, Ilkley, and Scarborough as well as a trip abroad to Israel.

Title- In the film you are about to see, you will see distant places like Otley, Ilkley, Scarborough, Malham and our back garden.

Title-Also a trip to Israel with Wizo.

Title-But to begin

Title-Roundhay Park, mid-February.

There are shots of a lake with people sitting around it. Edith Goldberg gets two ice cream cones from an ice cream van. Some people can be seen in the distance walking across a cricket pitch. There is a brief shot of the toddler in the playground and a shot of a small baby asleep in a pram.

The small toddler, who is now a bit older, is playing on a toy tractor with his younger sister. In the next shot, the little sister and a woman help to push the boy around on a cart with wheels.

Another family gathering in a house; a table is laden with food and a man pretends to put his finger into the trifles. Behind him a menorah, a Jewish candlestick, is visible. Elsewhere in the room some women sit around chatting.

There are some brief shots of a man in a river who has fallen out of his canoe; it is full of water and he takes his wet shirt off. The other shot is taken from the top of a waterfall looking down. A man, dressed in a tee-shirt and shorts, is swimming around with a snorkel. He is throwing things in the direction of the rocks on the side.

The next shots show the Goldbergs at home. The family are young adults now and Edith and her son smile at the camera and then the son plays his guitar for the camera. Jack Goldberg plays the guitar too. Following this, they all head out into the garden and stand around talking and looking at the camera. The daughter puts a flower in her hair and her brother gives her a hug. There is another girl in these shots; it is possible that she is another daughter or a cousin.

Title-Scarbro Pasach 1957.

Shots of very rough sea and huge waves crashing over the sea wall.

Title-Next day the Dales.

A car drives up a road, through a village towards the camera.

A sign in a window tells visitors that it is lambing time and that they should keep their dogs on a lead and away from the sheep.

Rock climbers are climbing up a cliff face high above the camera. A queue of people waits to climb up the path towards the top. The next shots show a country village and people wandering around it.

There are shots of mountains taken from the window of a plane.


There are shots of a building, the sea and then trees in a park. The visitors stand around on some steps talking and there is a brief shot of some local, young men wearing kippas (Jewish skull caps).

A sign in a sports field commemorates the victims of the disaster at the Olympic Games in Munich.

There are shots from around the city including: the buildings, the traffic, local people walking about, pedestrian wardens who are helping people to cross the busy road and a sign for `Jaffa Museum', the Museum of History in Tel Aviv.

A group of men and women enter a building with a sign `Baby Home and Child Centre'. Shot of them all coming out again.

The visitors visit the Wailing Wall or Western Wall in Jerusalem. Several Orthodox Jews dressed in black suits, hats and with long sideburns walk around.

A group of women leave a building; they are all carrying oranges and are laughing.

A group of women stand outside a building while one of them officially `opens' the building. There is a brief shot of donkeys and camels at the side of the road and of a field with black statues in it.

The final shot is of a soldier walking up a street in the city and a sign which reads `Lavi Guest House'.