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YFA 1975



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This film is part of a collection from the Ward family from Malton and spans the years 1936-1942. The films illustrate many aspects of their family life and social activities as well as showing evacuated children spending time in their home in Malton. This film contains footage from family life in Malton. There are shots of Christmas in the Folliott-Ward household, the children playing with puppies and a party for a Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Title-Family Snap Shots

Title-Christmas at Hornton le Dale 1936.

The film opens with shots of the family at home. There are various family members sitting around including mother, father and possibly the grandparents; they all smile at the camera.

Title-The younger generation.

There are shots of the younger family members, including David (about 3 years old) in a sailor's uniform.

Title-Heather, Wendy and David in charge of willing pupils. Sit!

The three children are out in the garden playing with puppies.

Title-Down Puppy.

David is running around the garden and some of the puppies run after him. Soon all of the puppies are chasing the little boy. He begins to run faster but this only makes the puppies want to run and jump on him more.

Title-David Defeated.

He falls over onto the grass and the puppies steal his beret.

Title-A budding musician.

A girl plays the piano and occasionally looks at the camera. The camera is filming her from the side of the piano.


The next shot if Heather and Wendy playing a game of snap.

Title-David's Bedtime

David has supper sat in his highchair and brushes his teeth before going into his cot along with his teddy bears.

Title-Look Daddy

David plays in his cot and smiles and laughs at the camera 

Title-By the fireside.

Father sits on the sofa with a puppy on his lap smoking a pipe, and flicking through a copy of Horse and Hound.  David sits on his mother's lap leafing through a picture book with his sister besides him.

Title-The start of a London adventure.

The children and some adults gather on a railway platform and try to load a large wooden crate before they are waved off.

Title-Wendy and Heather grooming Peggy.

Wendy and Heather groom Peggy the pony. 

Title-Winter sports.

The shot then cuts to the children in a snowy garden, rolling huge snowballs. One of the girls tries to push the snowball further but it won't move.  they have a snowball fight.

Title-Heather just learnt to ride April 1937.

Heather cycles her bike in the garden and smiles at the camera, and then two girls go on a garden swing swing together.

Title-Seen through the study window May 1937.

The children in the garden waving are waving Union Jacks.

Title-My Vauxhall 25 outside office.

The next shots are of a Vauxhall 25 parked outside father's office on Malton high street. The street is decorated with bunting.

Title-After the Golden Wedding.

There are shots of many guests of all ages at a golden wedding party in the Folliott-Ward's garden.

Title-A sherry party follows.

There are shots of the guests talking and laughing. There is a close-up of one man who sips from his sherry glass and nods at the camera.


More shots of David wandering around the garden.

Title-Uncle Humphrey.

An older man is talking to a few women at the party. Some of them look at the camera and smile.

Title-Two canons.

Title-Col Scott.

The man smiles at camera.

Title-Stewart Tidmarsh.

He drinks sherry and salutes camera.

Title-Joan Branfoot

Turns around to look at camera and then turns away again.

Title-Winter sports in Dennis' Field 1 Feb. 1942.

In the last scene the children are sledging across the snow in Dennis field.