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YFA 1980



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This film is part of a collection from the Ward family from Malton and spans the years 1936-1942. The films illustrate many aspects of their family life and social activities as well as showing evacuated children spending time in their home in Malton. The film shows the activities of the Ward's family between 1937 and 1941.

Title-Family Snapshots.

Title-The Coronation at Rosewood May 1937.

The film opens with shots of the decorations put up on Rosewood House to celebrate the coronation. There is a brief shot of the car parked outside of the house.

Title-Wendy, Heather, David.

The children are in the garden marching around with a drum, a flag and David playing a little trumpet. They walk around the deck chairs up and down the garden and back and forth past the camera.

Title-Heather just learnt to ride.

Title-Heather cycles her bicycle around the garden smiling at the camera.

Title-After Church.

Wendy, Heather and David are wearing their best clothes and are standing on the steps in the garden. One by one they hop down the steps and then smile at the camera. The scene closes with close-ups of all three children.

Title-A picnic above Carlton.

The three children sit on blankets with a woman who is most likely their mother. They are lying out on the covers, eating and smiling. David is drinking from a beaker and in the following shot the girls tickle David.

There is another scene with David standing beside a stream and throwing rocks and sticks into it. Then the girls do it too.

Title-Martinmas fair at Malton.

The children sit on a merry-go-round with cars and planes. There are several shots taken from different distances away from it.

Title-An Evening at Rosewood.

The girls sit on a chair petting their Border Terrier. Then the shot changes and Wendy is seated at the piano playing and singing. This is followed by shots of Mr and Mrs Folliott-Ward sitting in armchairs and petting the dogs. The children play with the dogs on indoor swings, with a spinning top and with a skipping rope.

In the final shots of this scene Wendy and Heather have a bath and smile up at the camera.

Title-Bed time.

David throws a ball around his cot and laughs and smiles at the camera. The he holds his teddy up for the camera and smiles. In the next shot Wendy is sitting in bed, tucking her teddy bears in beside her and then lies down. Heather is in her cot and does the same.

Title-The Golden Wedding 30 August 1937.

Title-At the Buck Hotel Thornton Dale.

Title-The bride and bridegroom.

Shot of an older man in a suit and a woman in a dress, jewellery and holding a bunch of flowers. They are talking to people off camera.

Title-Uncle Humphrey, Aunt Ada, Aunt Phoebe.

The camera pans around the room to show these older people standing and smiling at each other and at the camera. Then there are shots of the children coming into the room and more people walk past the camera and smile.

Title-John, Judy, Dick, Wendy, Tony & Margaret.

There are shots of the children standing and sitting for the camera. The girls wear dresses and the boys wear black tie suits. They all joke and smile at each other and for the camera.

Title-Wendy and Heather in London March 1938.

Title-Their first visit the Tower.

Wendy and Reynolds sit on a bench outside on the street; a crow sits on a bench beside them.

Title-Outside St Paul's.

The two girls feed pigeons.

Title-Wendy on Peggy.

Wendy rides pony along a grassy lane with fences on either side.

Title-`Wendy' a birthday present to Wendy 20 May 1938.

Wendy stands beside a large pony she holds onto the reigns and smiles at the camera. A horse trainer and a woman who is most likely her mother stand behind her.

Title-Wendy, Heather and David at Filey June 1938.

The children are on the beach digging a big mound of sand with a woman who is most likely their mother. Wendy throws sand at Heather who is standing on the top of the mound.

Heather sits in the sand playing with a bucket and then there are shots of Heather and Wendy paddling in the sea. There is a shot of the three children standing on their mound of sand. When the sea starts coming in around their mound, the children run around in the water and stand on top of it again.

Title-Heather and David on Peggy Oct 1938.

David climbs up onto the pony and slides back off again. Following this is a shot of Heather, who is fully kitted out, riding out of the gate and up the road.

Title-At Rosewood Christmas Day 1938.


David plays with his toys and looks up at the camera and smiles.


She sits looking through a book and looks up at the camera. She is wearing a hat and has costume jewellery around her neck and wrists. Then the shot cuts to her opening a tin of sweets and David plays with a wind-up monkey.


She sits opening a present and pulls out what look like socks; she smiles at the camera. Then there is a shot of her reading through a book. She is also wearing a hat and costume jewellery.

There is a final shot of three of them sitting down and looking at their gifts.

Title-Wendy's Birthday party 20 May 1939.

A group of girls are out in the garden holding hands and running in and out of a circle. They are all wearing.

Title-Michael Heads Ball.

The children play around in the garden.

Title-Humphrey and `the D'Arcy Wards'.

In the garden at Rosewood House, a gathering of family members is taking place.

Title-David with Puppies and Carrots! June 1939.

David sits outside on a grass tennis court with his arms around two Golden Retriever puppies.

Title-Wendy Jan 1940.

She plays the piano and smiles at the camera. Then she stands posing for the camera in a dress and holding a clutch bag. Heather also poses for the camera as she opens her bag.

Title-Heather Jan 1940.

She sits on armchair and poses.

Title-Pat Burns and Family May 1940.

This shot is taken from a height looking down onto the garden. A wooden table has been laid and children sit around it looking up at the camera.

Title-Garden Sports Rosewood July 1940.

Title-Paddy Latham

A girl takes a run and jump at a high jump that has been erected in the garden at Rosewood House.

Title-Vera Horn.

There are shots of several girls who all easily jump over the high jump

Title-Margaret Stockton.

Another girl jumps over the pole. Following this the girls all do leap frog over each other. The children's mother also takes part in the game.

Title-David in Command.

He plays a game with the girls where he stands in front of rows of them and they move their arms and legs.

Title-Family and Evacuees at Castle Howard August 1940.

A group of children and a woman, who is most likely the children's mother, are sitting on the edge of a lake. Some of the children are swimming and some of them are just paddling.

Title-Wendy just learnt to swim.

She does the breast stroke across the pond.

Title-Wendy about to leave for first term at Queen Margaret's School Castle Howard 20 Sept 1940.

Wendy stands in her new uniform smiling at the camera. She walks towards the camera and poses.

Title-QMS Temporary Guests, Brenda Walker, Jean Brentnall, Pamela Denny.

The three girls wear same uniform as Wendy. They walk towards camera holding David's hand.

Title-Ellerbeck August 1941.

Wendy and Heather sit in a stream beside a little waterfall. One of the girls has a rubber ring around her waist and the other girl splashes her legs about in the water.