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YFA 623



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This is a film from the Michael Hobson collection of the family at home in Horforth and on various outings, including camping, Scarborough and the Windsor Great Park Forestry Exhibit, which is visited by King George VI and Queen Mary.

The film begins showing the back of a woman who is hoeing in her garden.  She turns around to suddenly notice that she is being filmed.  A man is pumping up a tyre on a bicycle which is ridden around the garden by a boy in school uniform.  He is joined by the man, and they each ride their bikes around the garden in circles.  The woman then holds up a baby for the camera.  Then the family are shown at a camp site having a wash.  There seem to be two families camping together, each having a boy of about 12 years old.  Several boys play with model boats in a pool of water.  They are then shown on the beach at Scarborough, and then we see a man giving two other men, one on top of the other, a flying angel in the lido before toppling over.  Elsewhere a group of men and women are playing a game of passing a ball under their legs along a line, watched by a crowd.  The beach is shown again, very crowded.  Some boys cycle around a track, and men and women play bat and ball.  A group of adults and children pose for the camera, each shown in turn in close up.

Intertitle – Maghull Saloon Orchestra, featuring ‘Micky’,’Betty’

A boy plays an accordion.

Intertitle – Uncle

A man gets out a banjo and puts it on his shoulder and starts playing it as if it was a violin.  Then a group of men and women are shown each with an instrument: as well as the man and boy, there is a woman with a guitar, a woman with a cello, and a woman with a clarinet.  The film then switches to show the same group of people elsewhere, without the instruments.  This is followed by a view of a large church with a clock and more buildings, possibly Westminster (difficult to make out because overexposed).  Then children are shown feeding pigeons (possibly in Trafalgar Square).  A single deck bus emerges from a tunnel.  In the middle of the road there is an island with a hut and a traffic policeman.

Intertitle – 1939 Scrapbook.  1 Jan. snow heralds the New Year.

Three boys are clearing a path of snow from a front garden with shovels.  They pull a box along the snow and then have a snow ball fight.  The film then switches to summer, and two boys paddling in pools of water in some rocks next to a stream.  The family are in a camp site where they have a line of washing stretched between two tents.  The two boys both pose for the camera.  The whole family are then back at the stream and paddling, playing and swimming in the water.  They show a panorama of the camp site.  One family is in a caravan.

There is a display of some kind of event in a field involving a large number of children in lines doing exercises, which is filmed from high up.  It looks like it is in the grounds of a large country house with an arena having banks of spectators all around, possibly a stadium.  The film then shows the front of the Royal Agricultural Society of England building. Inside there is a display of ponies, and a horse and carriage.  Some people are in historical dress, and some craftsmen are shown carving wood.  There is a sign for Windsor Great Park Forestry Exhibit.  Crowds are milling around a house and watching as King George VI and Queen Mary pass by in a car, shown close up.  They then go for a short walk and are driven off again.  There is a sign for John Fowler & Co..  There seems to be a display of various gardening items and the film comes to an end.