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YFA 622



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This is a film from the Michael Hobson collection featuring his family at Ilkley Swimming Pool as well as days out in the countryside and at the seaside.

The film begins with a car arriving at a house.  A man, a boy and two women get out.  Then a man and three children are bent over looking at something on the ground.  This is followed by a short blank section of film.

Intertitle – 1937 Scrapbook.  Ilkley Swimming Pool

A group of children are on the fountain of the busy outdoor swimming pool.  The pool and perimeter are packed with swimmers, some going down a slide into the pool. Two boys in identical striped swimming costumes sit on top of the fountain.

Two women sit on a stone wall, next to two children and a man who sit next to a lake.  Across from the lake is a very large building.  Some people are out on rowing boats on the lake, and there are children with fishing nets.  The film switches again to show a single decker bus and other traffic going through the main road of a village, and then to a family paddling in a river near some rapids.  They then visit a waterfall.

Later they emerge from their accommodation carrying towels and swimwear to go to a beach.  One boy floats on a lido.  Then a woman and a small boy get on it and try to paddle.  They have a bit of a game of cricket and then carry their belongings back to their holiday accommodation before being back on the beach again. There then seems to some kind of train ride, before we see a woman feeding sheep and a stretch of mountains.  They are then out walking in the countryside and we look down onto a seaside village.  They are then seen walking across Clifton Suspension Bridge.  Then, back on a beach, a small boy plays in the sand.

The film switches again to a large event in a stadium, or country park, with many spectators watching a performance.  There is a long castle wall. Next there is a swimming race across a river and then several boys with a bonfire.  There is a small girl, and then the family, or families, at a waterfall. The film finishes with a boy and a woman.