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YFA 628



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This is a short film from the Michael Hobson collection of the family by the seaside and at home, and of a hockey match.

A small boy and a man, with rolled up trousers, are paddling on a beach.  They are joined by two women, one of whom dresses the boy.  There is a view of people on a beach, and following this, they play a game of crazy golf.  The small boy walks across a field, and then has a donkey ride on a beach.  They have a dog, and one of the women wields a cricket bat.  The boy plays with a model boat on a pond. A girl hockey team pose for the camera before the action starts against a men’s team.  Afterwards they have refreshments.  The film switches to a small toddler and a group of children.  A small boy uses a pickaxe, and others join in doing some gardening as the film comes to an end.