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NEFA 12601



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This amateur home movie compilation records family visiting an uncle in summer 1938, horse riding in Monkseaton in 1938 and holiday visits to the seaside resorts of Scarborough and Brighton. Footage includes scenes from the 24th Newcastle Girl Guides camp at Mitford in Northumberland, and an open air dance performance at Hunmanby Hall Boarding School in North Yorkshire.

Title: In Uncle John’s Garden At Moorside Summer 1938

The first section of the film records various children and their parents in a series of portrait shots in their uncle's garden. our of the children play on a small see-saw. A young woman poses in front of a flowering bush. Shots of the purple flowered bush follow. Individual portrait shots of one young and one older boy. Then there is another shot of Uncle John’s flowers. A young woman dressed in a tight pencil skirt suit walks out into the garden with an elderly man in a smart suit, probably Uncle John. She is teasing the man, pretending to tickle him. The two are walking in the garden; a dog scampers around and the man lights a cigarette. High angle shot of the garden as the man pulls a grass roller onto the lawn, with two dogs also in the garden. A man and woman are petting a dog. This film sequence closes with many close-ups of flowers and a final shot of a man holding a flower.

Title: Riding At Monkseaton Summer 1938

Various shots of children on horses riding and jumping at a location in Monkseaton, near Whitley Bay. The group pose for a portrait, two of them on horseback, including a small boy in a pant suit. Another group shot with a man follows.

Title: 24th Newcastle Girl Guides
Title: Camping At Mitford August 1938

At a girl guides camp at Mitford in the Northumbrian countryside, guides play an impromptu game of cricket. One guide has her bedding and other possessions spread out on the grass outside a white tent. There are various shots of the camp tents. A group, not in guides uniform, recline on the sheets and bedding arranged on the grass. A man in a trilby hat stands beside the group.

Another tent is set up with an elderly man and a woman in floral dress, sitting on makeshift benches outside an open tent. A small boy in a cub’s outfit kicks a ball. A group of guides are raking a campfire and organising plates and bowls for an outdoor meal. There is a general view of a campsite, followed by a shot of tarpaulin and guides sitting down to eat at long tables and benches. A family and children are eating. Girl guides eat lunch on a picnic blanket laid out on the grass.

A family pose for a group portrait outside a large stone country house. They then disperse and joke around together.

There are five men, two in short pants and socks, sitting at a bench.

A family group walks towards camera down a road.

Two women play with children by a lake, with geese on the lake and a small jetty and boathouse in the background.

Two women and two children are on a street outside pretty shops, one advertising 'Bigland Poole Pottery, Glass and China, Wedgewood.'

Portrait shot of a couple with children beside a rowing boat. In the next shot, they wheel around children on a pair of old cartwheels. Four children are playing and exploring in a countryside location.

Girls in school uniform are standing in the grounds of a large school, possibly Hunmanby Hall Girls Boarding School. There are general views across a garden towards a church, red roofs and countryside in the background.

Title: Scarborough Bay From East Cliff

In a view across the sandy North Bay on a sunny day, the castle can be seen on the headland cliff. The camera pans across to show the town and the traffic on the bay side road.

Portrait shot of a woman in a checked pencil skirt with a fox fur wrap. The children are in schoolgirl hats. There is a high angle view down into an outdoor swimming pool at the South Bay, Scarborough. Waves lap onto the beach in the foreground. General view of the Scarborough castle on the headland in the background.

A crowd watch an outdoor dance performance by young girls in different coloured loose robes, some wearing historical costume, probably at Hunmanby Hall Boarding School. There are various shots of the performances taking place in the grounds. Two girls walk past carrying corn reams. Some children rest on the lawn. A group of children perform a folk dance. Many of the children, dressed in brightly coloured robes, dance in a large ring.

In the next scenes, girls in everyday dress walk through the gardens.

Different groups of children congregate in the gardens, still dressed in their dance costumes, whilst some older women guests walk amongst them.

A group of three women of different ages, two wearing fur coats, and an older man in a smart Cromby coat, tie and hat (Uncle John) , leave the porch of a grand hotel.

In the next shot, they leave the Bedford Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton. The man waves to camera. They pose on the promenade, with a view of Brighton Marine Palace and Pier in the background. A schoolboy in a red cap walks briefly into shot. They then pose further west of the pier on the promenade beside shingle beach. The same group walk through a square with a modern building in the background and a memorial sculpture, possibly the Peace Statue.

The film cuts to a shot of people looking at a stormy sea with high waves lashing the promenade where they stand.

There is a portrait shot of a man and woman wearing a red hat posing briefly in front of a wall, Stirling Castle in the background.

A Trans Canada Airlines plane lands on a runway in the rain. An air hostess welcomes passengers to the plane. Two young couples get onto the plane and wave from the steps as they board. There are views from the plane window of clouds, and aerial views of the landscape. A shot of a sunset closes the film.