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YFA 507



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This is a film of a family (possibly including Viviene Allen) at home, by the seaside, in London and the Isle of Mann.

The film begins with a woman in a garden with a small boy who plays with a rocking horse.  Then there's a baby in a pram. 

In Trafalgar Square, and possibly near Green Park in London, there are many black cabs.  There is a crowd outside Buckingham Palace, in the rain, where some Highland band members go past and a car drives into the Palace.  Next they are at the Tower of London, looking on to Tower Bridge. 

(Overexposed) The small boy and the baby are back in the garden playing together on the grass lawn.  The baby is held up by its father, who encourages it to try to take some first steps.   Next, the mother is walking with the two children, now a couple of years older, along a sandy beach.  The father joins the two boys, together with another boy, as they play with their buckets and spades. They all play at rolling in the sand. 

In some stables, the two of the boys are on horses.  Other members of the family and more children are also there.  Then back in the garden, the father is pulling one of his sons around in a small pedal car. Then they are in deep snow, before being in the summer at an outdoor swimming pool crowded with people.  Then cars are driving off a ferry, and a horse is being led into a horse box.  There is a sign for the booking office, which states 'book here for the Isle of Wight'.  There is a sailing boat, a train, and then more boats for the crossing, and the film comes to an end.