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YFA 2445



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Made by an amateur filmmaker based in Sheffield, this film chronicles a trip to the Sheffield Speedway and an outing to the coast.

A lengthy opening sequence shows the action at the Speedway in good static long shots of the motorcycles as thy speed around the racetrack. One of the racers signs an autograph for a young fan, and some of the racers can be seen working on their motorbikes. There is footage of many of the races which take place, and a large crowd of people have turned out for the event. Following the race, the drivers maker their way to their cars, and crowds of people can be seen outside the speedway.

The next scene features a family picnic. They sit together on a blanket enjoying a picnic in the countryside. There is a newspaper, and the headline reads, "Navy Show to Warn Dictators." Next, there is a woman dressed in a jumpsuit. She works on a car engine. There is also a brief shot of a man, smoking a cigarette, who looks at the engine as well.

Two women and a man make their way up a large hill near the coast. The man then makes it all the way to the top of the cliff. The women and man continue to roam about the top of the cliffs along the pathways. This is most likely at Flamborough, and they play up for the camera. There is a brief shot the man who runs along the road. He is running away from a car which catches up with him, and the footage is taken from the front of the car.

A few men drive their motorcycles down a dirt road, towards the camera. One of the men reads an article while he sits near his bike. This is followed by children running around and playing in a field. They play leapfrog and wave to the camera. There are many brief scenes which include family members, street scenes, and an airplane taking off. A man then gets out of his car to read an advertisement for Belle Vue Speedway and a Good Friday race at Wembley. The film finishes with a shot of a young boy with a "Moscar Movie" sign on his back. He walks down a road, away from the cameraman.