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YFA 4907



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Part of the Cooper Collection, this film features a variety of footage taken during the course of a year including snow scenes at the family home, a rugby match, and a day out in Scarborough. 

The film opens with a man in the garden who is using a rake to tend to his flower beds.  A boy is playing with a football in the narrow neighbourhood street.  He kicks the ball against a fence and plays “keepie uppie.”  The boy accidently kicks the football over the fence and into the man’s garden.  Angered by this, the man scolds the boy and throws the ball back, hitting the boy in the face.  Later, a man and woman are in the garden, and the man is smoking a pipe.  There are shots of the flowers.

Across the street, three young children are out on the sidewalk standing near a bike.  One of the children stands with a woman who looks to be polishing the back end of a car.  She then helps the child tie the strings on his hood. 

The next part of the film is taken during winter.  There is a shot of the neighbourhood street taken from the first floor of a house.  Beyond the houses, power lines and an industrial landscape can be seen.  Following this is footage taken from ground level of the residential street and front gardens.  It has started to snow again, and three teenage boys are out having a snowball fight. 

Inside, the father sits in an easy chair and reads a paper.  Back outside, the mother and son play in the snow in the back garden.  They build a snowman and smile for the camera. 

The next part of the film captures a rugby game.  The film is taken close to the action on the field, and it appears to be a cold and foggy day.  It’s an action-packed game, and spectators have gathered along one side of the pitch to watch.  A few semi-detached houses can be seen in the background.  When the game ends, each team congratulates each other on a good game.  Following this is brief footage of another rugby game. 

At a seaside fairground, there are many people who ride on bumper cars.  They laugh and smile as they ride around the rink.  Following this there are people who walk along the promenade by a car park.  Some shield themselves from the rain with the aid of a poncho.  A sailboat can be seen out at sea on this grey day. 

Sign – Peasholm

A group of people wait on the platform for a ride on the North Bay Railway.  The train approaches, and once on the train, the filmmaker takes footage of the journey.  They pass the boating lake, and there is a glimpse of another train coming in the opposite direction.  The coast can be seen as well as some golfers, and after passing through a tunnel, the train arrives back to the platform full of people waiting for their turn to ride the railway. 

There is more footage of the Scarborough coastline before moving onto the harbour which is full of boats.  A teenage boy is seated by the harbour where he reads a magazine.  He holds the magazine up for the camera, a cine magazine 8mm which features a woman in a bikini as its cover photo.  There are more shots of the coast before the boys little brother runs up the path to Scarborough Castle.  He tours around the castle and sits on one of the cannons looking out to the harbour.  The boy runs around the ruins and runs at the camera.  The two boys play around while they make their film, the younger brother even dramatically faking a fall. 

Sign – Naval Warfare – Unique and Thrilling Sceptical Wednesday September 9th (1964)

The film closes with the famous miniature naval battle at Peasholm Park.  There are shots of the many spectators as well as good footage of the boats themselves.