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YFA 352



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of his family at home and on visits to countryside and seaside. It features daughter Rachel, son John, and two young friends (seen in Dale Days). They visit Ingleton waterfalls and Castlerigg stone circle.

The film begins with the four children on a country lane. There is a sign for White Scar Caves.

Intertitle - Another chilly picnic

John and Rachel warm their hands on the radiator of the family car while the other two girls sit, eating on the running board of the car.

Intertitle - Then to Ingleton and its gorges

The children run along a path through a wood next to a stream. The three girls hide from John and find a slug. A man looks into a cave, and they walk up steps next to the waterfalls at Ingleton.

There is a break in the film and it switches to John in his back garden. Rachel is with a man and a woman looking over a valley with a pair of binoculars. They are in a wood where Rachel points to some ants, and then does some head-over-heels. There is a sunset, and Rachel shows off a couple of moths on her arm. Rachel and John have a game of croquet, and the moths are shown again on white paper. Rachel climbs a tree, and then John tries to tow Rachel, sitting in a cart, with his tricycle. They then water the garden with a hose and water pump.

The film switches to a wheat field being cut. There is a brief film of the two children on the tricycle, before they are on a beach, digging in the sand. A steam train runs past along the top of the beach. Together with another boy they play hide-and-seek among the seaside rocks. Rachel does some skipping along the top of the beach. She is then shown picking flowers, and a gardener mows their back lawn, after which Rachel plays hula-hoop on it. The two children climb the fence of a sheep pen, and then some children and adults take a boat trip on a lake. The three girls play at the side of the lake. There is a National Trust sign for a Druids Circle. Rachel and John play among the rocks at Castlerigg stone circle. A man stands on one leg on top of one of the rocks, with Rachel copying. The film ends with all four children together in a bath.