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YFA 344



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of his extended family, including baby Rachel, at home at Christmas, and having a picnic with friends.

The film begins in a garden with the family, including grandmother, with the baby Rachel, grandfather and a dog. A nurse carries out Rachel, who is put into a pram and plays with her grandfather's watch.

The family, including grandparents, are seated around the dining table. Then a line of small children are sitting on the grass in the garden, and Rachel and another small girl are playing. A large group of adults have a picnic and then children are shown eating at a table. Men in blazers stand around in the garden, one of them holding a cine camera. The adults and children play and eat together outside. They have a game of ring-a-ring-a-roses. Rachel sits on her grandmother's lap, and then gets taken for a walk in her pram with their dog, a fox terrier. Two small girls play on a lawn tennis court with a toy dog on wheels, and have a race trying to balance a biscuit on wooden spoons. The children sit around a table eating bread and cake. Several young men are wearing striped sports jackets.

Grandfather plays in the sandpit with the children, where there is a party in the garden. The dog chases a wind-up model car around a table. Two small girls play on a piano and then play games inside, and Rachel is sitting on a toy donkey and is later surrounded by lots of soft toys, with the dog sat near her. They go to a park where the dog runs around playfully and Rachel is given her first steps by her grandparents. Back home Rachel tries to play ball with the dog, and then plays with various clockwork toys with the dog looking on. Three children are taken for a walk, two in prams, one walking in a harness, as well as the dog. They see some foxhounds in a field. Back home Rachel leans against an abacus. Three children all sit on the toy donkey on wheels. All the extended family sit down for Christmas dinner and pull crackers. The film ends with Rachel playing with the toy donkey in the garden with her grandfather.