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YFA 3721



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Made by Robert Freeman, this film contains footage of a number of family events including a wedding, a 4th birthday party, and days out in Bridlington and London.

Jean and Albert's Wedding: The bridesmaids walk down the path towards the church entrance. They are followed by the bride and her father who get out of the car. After the ceremony, the newlyweds exit the church and are showered with confetti. The guests and wedding party can be seen leaving the church and making their way to their cars.

In the next section of the film, there are women walking on the beach. Robert is driving toy car, and other family members sit on deck chairs near the beach. The little boy then goes on some fairground rides before the family take a boat tour. Robert is then sitting at a table inside, and in front of him is a cake filled with candles. He blows them out, and all his birthday cards are on display in the background.

There are shots of fountains in crowded streets, and in Bridlington harbour, boxes of fish are being unloaded from boats. The Bridlington Queen Boat can be seen followed by shots of the waves crashing on the beach and men walking through the park.

The family then make their way to Fountains Abbey ruins and gardens. There is footage of the ruins and the surrounding picturesque landscape.

In London, the Freeman family visits Buckingham Palace where they see the Changing of the Guards. They visit other London sites and go to play in a park. On the playground, the children go on a small car ride, slide, and roundabout. They also stop to eat some ice cream. In Trafalgar Square, Susan feeds the birds from her hands, and a water fountain and Nelson's Column can be seen. .

Bridlington Carnival Parade: Floats make their way down a street lined with spectators. There are many participants in fancy dress as well as bands, bagpipes, and horses.

In Whitby, the family take a ride on a carriage along the seafront. This is followed by footage of a ship in the harbour. There is a sign, "Fear God Honour the King." There are further shots of the harbour before members of the family pick heather from a nearby field. The film closes with the children playing on some of the fairground rides.