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NEFA 22164



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A narrative based home movie made by Peter Dobing in 1952 featuring the Dobing family in their garden in the village of Haughton-le-Skerne, now part of Darlington. The Christmas tree is ceremonially burned on a bonfire in the garden and the family turn their hands to planting Brydons Glorious Gladioli bulbs in the garden in spring. Work done, they enjoy a game of golf with hockey sticks featuring trick photography and finish off the day with bowls of ice cream in the garden.

Two small children help the filmmaker Peter Dobing clean a bicycle.

Peter’s aunt walks into the garden as his mother drops an old Christmas tree onto a bonfire. General views of the two women tending to the fire.

Portrait shot of the young girl with chocolate all over her face.

Title: Family Magazine Sixth

Title: 1952 April

Title: Summer is Icummen In

The film cuts to show a packet of ‘Brydon Glorious Gladioli’ bulbs. Peter's sister Ann starts to plant the bulbs. Mrs Dobing appears with a cardigan for Ann. Their father joins the two in the garden, smoking a cigarette and carrying a toilet brush, which he jokingly places under his chin as if it is a beard.

Another bulb is planted. Portrait shot of Ann and her father. He rubs his hands against the cold.

Shots follow of flowers growing in the garden. Mrs Dobing marks out the planted bulbs with a packet on a stick.

Next, the family face off in a game of golf with hockey sticks and tennis balls. Ann achieves a hole in one (landing the ball in a plant pot.) Peter comes over and takes the stick and, now wearing sunglasses, also takes a swing at a ball before angrily throwing down his stick when he misses the pot.

Peter’s father takes a shot at the pot but also misses. Peter takes a second shot with more force causing a piece of grass to be thrown into the air and his father ducking to avoid it. Peter's mum takes a shot and trick photography has the ball moving erratically from pot to pot before ending up back at her feet.

 She raises her arms in jubilation and her husband comes over to shake her hand. Ann comes forward, bows and presents a bouquet. Peter comes over, sniffs the flowers and sneezes.

As Peter’s father takes another shot of the ball, Ann comes into the garden carrying a block of ice cream. Placing it on a small garden table, her father cuts the block into individual slices. Ann and another young girl fight over who gets to lick the ice cream packaging. The film ends with the family seated in the garden eating their ice cream from bowls.