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NEFA 22157



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A narrative-based home movie produced by Peter Dobing of preparations for November 5th and his extended family enjoying bonfire night at the family home in Haughton-le-Skerne, now part of Darlington, in 1949.

Title: Family Magazine the Second

[Animation of Guy Fawkes and stars with following titles]

Title: Ann, Mother, Joan, Christine, Peter, Andrew, Syd

Title: In Family Fifth 1949

A young girl collects sticks and twigs in a wood. She climbs through a fence, becoming snagged on barbed wire. She heads back to Salters Lane South with her hoard of sticks.

Crossing Salter Avenue along Salters Lane South, she meets Ann Dobing, the filmmaker's sister who has rocket fireworks. She shows the young girl her bag of fireworks.

In the garden of the family home, Mrs Dobing uses a saw to cut branches from a tree. Ann and the other young girl arrive back home and show Ann's mum the bag of fireworks.

The filmmaker's aunt arrives at in the garden with an armful of old newspapers and magazines. She drops the content onto the makings of a bonfire. peter Dobing appears at the back door drying his hands on a towel. He carries over a sack full of paper and empties the contents onto the bonfire. Close-up of some of the magazines including an edition of 'Movie Makers' and Opera.

Title: Time flies…

Time-lapse photography of clouds moving across the sky behind a tree as night falls.

Title:… and it is dark

The back door of the Dobing household opens and out troop the family and guests wearing winter coats,scarves and gloves. The bonfire is lit as the family stomp around clapping their hands behind it in order to keep warm. A sparkler is lit and a little boy claps with joy.

Peter’s mother and aunt stomp around clapping their hands in the cold. Peter and Ann are now beside the fire.. Peter wipes sweat from his brow. Peter's mother and aunt rub their hands and you can see their breath in the cold night air.

Peter lights a rocket, Ann beside him. His aunt looks up to the sky as the firework explodes. A Mine Serpent firework is lit. Peter waves a sparkler around. His mother's sparkler fails to ignite but the little boy waves his around happily. Mrs Dobing's sparkler is now lit and she smiles happily as it sprays sparks around in the dark. More fireworks are lit and Ann holds her sparkler towards camera. The aunt is surprised by one of the fireworks going off.

Title: And so to the final spark

A match is struck and the final firework of the night is lit in the garden exploding with sparks.

Title: The End