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Two short narrative based home movies produced by Peter Dobing and featuring members of his extended family. The family enjoy spring time in the garden at the family home in the village of Haughton-le-Skerne, now part of Darlington. In the second film Peter and sister Ann take a bike ride together through the countryside.

Title: Family Magazine Number Four

Title: Pop’s Pip

The film opens on Peter’s father opening a window and looking out. He comes out of the house into the garden walking towards an apple tree planted nearby. There are buds growing on the tree indicating spring.

He calls to his daughter Ann who runs across the lawn to see the tree. His wife comes over and Ann pulls down a branch for her to look at. General views of the three of them looking at the tree. Peter’s aunt, uncle and cousins admire spring growth on the tree. Ann picks up one of the children holding her closer to the tree.

A girl riding a child’s tricycle races across the lawn and downwards towards the house followed by Peter’s uncle carrying the other boy on his shoulders. On the lawn Ann plays with the small girl and her doll.   

The visiting relatives walk off home together along Salters Lane South. Ann appears at the front gate and waves goodbye.

Title: Push Over

This second film begins with Peter and Ann coming down the drive onto Salters Lane South pushing their bicycles. As they climb on and ride away their mother appears at the front gate waving them goodbye.

A strong wind blows through trees and grass as Peter rides along a country road. He signals to his sister to catch up and she appears riding slower.

General views of Peter and Ann riding along the country road with Ann trying to catch up.

Ann sees her brother’s bike resting against a fence and the farm gate beside it open. She rests her bike against the fence and goes into he the field wiping her brow

Sitting on a log nearby is Peter. Ann wipes her brow again and walks over to her brother who is seen speaking and pointing to the boggy pond behind him.

Title: It’s cooler inside!

Ann pushes Peter over the log knocking him to the ground. The film ends on a view between Peter’s feet of Ann looking down and sticking her tongue out at him.

Title: Family Magazine. The End