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NEFA 22155



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A compilation of short narrative-based home movies featuring family vignettes, including his sister Ann and Mrs Dobing, and a day trip to Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast by steam train, produced by Peter Dobing.

Title: Presenting

Title: Family Magazine

Title: Ann Wins

The film opens on the front page of Darlington's Northern Dispatch newspaper dated Wednesday 1st June 1949. The camera moves in on a specific item relating to High School for Girls and then in on the name Ann Dobing.

Portrait shot of the filmmaker's sister Ann. Ann rides along a road on her bicycle.

Title: In the Garden

Peter’s mother kneels on the lawn cutting the grass with a pair of garden shears. She wipes the sweat from her brow. A man and small boy come through the front gate and into the garden where she is still on her knees. Shot of an iris, it's petals blowing in the wind. The little boy attempts to help cut the grass with the shears. Mrs Dobing examines her gooseberry bushes, which are bearing fruit. She shows the little boy.

Title: A Day Away

Travelling shot from a steam train moving through the Yorkshire countryside. Inside, Peter and some of the Dobing family sit chatting. The train arrives at Staithes.

General view of the harbour at Staithes with gulls flying around. The filmmaker's sister Ann starts to take a photo from the shore with her camera.. She stops and takes a photograph of the scene. Ann and her father (?) sit on the rocky shore chatting and pointing out to sea. Peter Dobing takes a photo.

The family splash their feet in a rock pool. The sea crashes into the Staithes harbour. A sign on the cliff face reads ‘Danger. Beware of Falling Rock’. Peter walks beside the cliff, looks up and shrugs. Suddenly, he covers his head as a few small rocks hurtle down. Peter sits with the rocks in his lap after his close shave [staged]. Ann and father clamber onto a seawall. General views of Staithes from the harbour wall. The family wait at a railway station a the train pulls in.

Title: She’s Away!

A toddler tentatively takes her first steps in the driveway of a house.


Title: Spring. Photographed in and at Doglope and Firby’s Farm

General views of a wooded area at the edge of a village. Two teenage girls, Ann and a friend, are out for a walk through the wood. Lambs gambol in a field. The girls get to the fields of a farm, sucking grass. Ann picks a dandelion and makes to blow in an exaggerated way for the camera. The two turn and run off. Night falls at the edge of the village.

Title: Family Magazine. The End