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YFA 4875



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This is a film made by Mexborough Technical College head teacher George Spurr.  The film features his family at home and on holiday in Cleethorpes and Scarborough.

The film begins with a sign for Cleethorpes miniature railway – price 6d single, 1’ return.  Part of the ride is filmed from on board the train.  Then a boy, girl and a man play on a putting green.  The family emerge from a caravan and get into the small blue Hillman family car.  Back home a group of family members leave the house, through the bright yellow gate.

The film switches to two boys out train spotting.  They go up onto an iron bridge going over the railway to get a better view.  They sit on a grass bank and watch as a steam locomotive pulling a passenger train passes by.  It then switches again to George’s parents walking along the seafront at Scarborough.  Then there are people swimming in the lido.   A couple of girls pose for the camera.  Then onto the beach where they play with a beach ball and the boy has a bucket and spade.  Next, sit at a café, and then two men and a boy walk back towards their accommodation, and go out onto a jetty, looking out onto the sea.

Next the family car is parked outside what looks like a hotel, with a sign for ‘Beach Hands’ and next door a building with a sign for ‘Dorvin-maur’.   A teenage boy and two girls of a similar age walk up some steps and over rocks on the coast.  They are also with a couple, and they sail a model boat in a pool of water.  There is then a sign for the leisure boat ‘Regal Lady’ at South Cliff Bay, which they take a trip on to Robin Hood’s Bay.

Back home they are visited by George’s parents.  A couple emerge from a semi-detached house and get into the family car.  Then back to the beach where the family are sat on deckchairs, while the children go swimming in the sea and two girls sit on a rock.  They visit ‘Leisureland’ and walk around the fair, eating ice creams.  Back home they play with a small white (with a black face) Jack Russell in the front garden.  Back at the seaside, a man wades in the sea in white shorts and a vest.  There is more lounging on the beach and swimming in the sea as the film comes to an end.