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NEFA 21361



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Amateur compilation of 1950s holiday footage, which includes scenes filmed in Morecambe, at the Hoppings fair on the Town Moor in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tynemouth, various locations in Scotland, and on the Holy Island, in Northumberland. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.  

Title: Holiday Memories

[Colour footage]

A child practises swimming breast stroke in an outdoor pool on the sea front. This may be the Super Swimming Stadium in Morecambe or the Tynemouth Outdoor Pool. The pool is busy with children and adults swimming, jumping and diving into the pool from a diving board. Children play on the swimming pool slide. A woman in 1950s sunglasses watches her children play poolside.

A banner advertises “Miss Great Britain National Bathing Beauty Contest May 13th to Aug. 19th”. This was probably at Morecambe, Lancashire, and included the Aqua Cascade.

An outdoor pool is crowded with sunbathers and swimmers in the sunshine, small wooden changing room huts beside the pool. Many women are wearing 1950s style bikinis and costumes as they make their way to and from the changing rooms. Various shots record families beside and in the small pool. Filmed in slow motion, a succession of boys leap and dive from a diving board. Closer shots show holidaymakers near the wooden changing rooms, sunbathing.

A lighthouse sits on a rocky headland. A family hunt for crabs in the rocky pools beside the sea. A woman in a 1950s frock plays with her children on the rocky ledges.

Cars pull up down a road, including a Ford Consul [Reg. no. 693 AKE]. A family of three girls and a boy get out. The family picnic on a rocky ledge beside a (dry) waterfall, possibly in Scotland or the Lake District. The family sit beside a rocky, fast-flowing river.

[Colour footage - faded]

Overhead views of the Town Moor Hoppings. Various shots record the fairground rides including a ride on the Moonrocket.

[Black and white footage]

A policeman carries a lost child through the Hoppings travelling fair at the Town Moor, Newcastle upon Tyne. People sit at a bingo stall. A child in a cute bonnet rides an old fashioned carousel horse with her mother. Children browse a stall. Balloons for sale at the fair are decorated with caricature black children. A child messily eats an ice cream, which is smeared over his face and nose.

A showman sells the show to a crowd with his patter as he stands beside a blindfolded man holding a human skull. A show woman in a glittery frock bangs a drum to attract a crowd at the “Strip-Tease By Black Magic” show tent.

Close-up of the fair signposts for amenities.

Boxers stand outside Ron Taylor’s Excelsior boxing booth, one sportsman shadow boxing. A good crowd are gathered out front. A boy is curious as he snacks in the crowd. Close-up of a sign advertising “Boxing Next Show at 6.30pm”.

Exterior shot of a freak show pavilion decorated with advertising: “See the Ram with 5 legs and 6 feet Alive! See “Wee Paddy” the Irish Mountain Stallion Small as a Dog 25 Years of Age Alive!!! See Snowball the lamb with 6 legs Alive! See the Marino Sheep with 4 horns alive!” Children and adults pay for tickets.

Brief shot in the dark of someone juggling fire torches.

Show girls dance in glitzy dresses outside another striptease show.

[Black and white footage]

The next sequences were probably filmed in Scotland.

A woman sits on the pebbly shore of a lake, watching her daughter throw stones. They stroll arm-in-arm beside the mountain lake. The girl plays with a stick in the water and balances on the stones.

Travelling shot on a mountain road beside a lake. A shirtless man is rowing across the lake, and is then pictured rowing with his daughter.

The family eat on the floor of a holiday shack. Dusky shot of lake.

[Colour footage]

General view of boats beside a lake. Mother and daughter stroll through a park and beside a lake, many pleasure boats moored there. A girl sits swinging her legs in the water from a wooden jetty on a lake. They take a boat trip, the girl controlling the rudder.

People wait for a ride on a miniature railway, steep mountains in the background. The steam engine pulls the train out of the station.

General views of a rocky ravine and fast-flowing river and mountain landscape. A car makes its way through a mountain pass. The mother and daughter collect water from the stream. General views of idyllic mountain and lake scenery, with old stone bridge. People lounge beside a mountain road and feed the sheep with food nibbles. A woman slowly climbs a mountain road on foot. Mother and daughter walk along a road and admire the flowers in a garden. Close-ups of the flowers.

[Colour footage]

Mother and daughter pose then walk away from a sign for “Morecambe and Heysham Illuminations”. Father and daughter ride horses along Morecambe beach. Shot of women in shorts. A family play in the sea.

[Colour footage]

A family get out of a Ford Popular car at a small fishing town in a bay and look at the view. A little boy watches a fisherman mend his ropes. The mother stands at the Fishermen’s Monument on the corner of Dunbar Old Harbour. Close-up of the monument’s dedication.

General view of Princes Street and the castle in Edinburgh. A car passes slowly, driven by the partner of the cameraman who grins as she drives by. A trip on the ferry across the Firth of Forth passes the Forth Bridge, Edinburgh. 

[Colour footage]

General view of Tyne North Pier and Lighthouse, the south beach, Priory and Castle ruins, and the giant memorial to Lord Collingwood. A ship sails up the Tyne.

The family climb the road leading up to Lindisfarne Castle on the Holy Island, Northumberland. Shot of the sculpture of St Aidan by Kathleen Parbury in St Mary’s Churchyard, completed in 1958. General views of the priory ruins and cottages on the island.

The next footage was filmed in the Lake District and Cumbria. General views of mountain landscape and a rocky stream. General view of Captain French Lane in Kendal. The mother and son climb up the lane. General view of old stone cottages and a sign for “Beast Banks”, Kendal, and of Highgate, looking towards Town Hall, Kendal.

The mother and daughter walk through a cliff top park in the port town of Silloth. Portrait shot of mother and daughter. They get up from a bench on the shoreline of the Solway Firth.

Title: The End

Shot of a Union Jack flag blowing in the wind.