Film ID:
NEFA 22169



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This amateur film made by John Percival Staddon records a family trip travelling to Marsden on the north east coast and Piercebridge, on the River Tees near Darlington.

Title: The Family on Holiday

A toddler is helped to walk down the driveway of a suburban home. The father helps the toddler, a young girl and woman follow on. Outside the family home, they all get into a pale blue Triumph Herald parked at the kerb.

Title: A Visit to Marsden

A broad view of the car park at the top of the cliff lift at Marsden. The family make their way to the covered walkway that leads to the lift.

The family sit on the beach playing with the toddler who wears a sun hat. The toddler smiles for the camera.

General views shows other visitors to the beach enjoying themselves. A general view of the beach shows the shoreline and briefly, Marsden Rock.

Title: A Look at Piercebridge

General views show whitewashed houses in the village, which then cuts to views of smaller whitewashed cottages on a village green. The Triumph Herald [WGR 935] is parked outside a hotel, the family get into the car.

A sign outside the hotel reads ‘George Hotel – Piercebridge’

The family take a walk in the village, past whitewashed cottages and houses. The toddler walks between the man and the woman. They walk back along the same path. The father carries the toddler as his wife walks beside him, they walk towards the camera.

The film cuts to the three of them sitting on a bench beneath a tree. The film fades out.

Title: and so Good-bye

Back at the house the family walk down the driveway seen at the beginning of the film.

An older woman follows the group. The family climb into a bright red Reliant Robin (5156 NE). An older man joins in to say farewell, a younger woman also says her goodbyes.

The family drive off, the women left behind wave to the departing visitors.