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NEFA 21695



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An home movie recording of Gibbon family outings in the North East of England, with visits to the beach, the countryside and famous places such as Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire and Barnard Castle in County Durham. Also there is a celebration or pageant with a parade of fancy dress, floats and jazz bands.

Title: The Family Gazette

Title: Some Episodes by the Seaside

Two boys and a girl, the elder boy wearing his school blazer and cap, play on a beach near some rocks. A woman runs along the beach pursued by a small dog. A man then runs along the beach pursued by the same dog. The adults pose for the camera. The boys, the girl and the dog climb on a rock jutting out from the sand at the foot of a cliff. The family pose on an outcrop of rocks, with the waves of the sea crashing on the shore behind.

Title: Some adventures in the country

On a country road, two vehicles are parked next to each other on a grass verge (one vehicle registered in Middlesbrough – XG 1343). On the verge the man and the older boy hold a skipping rope while the girl jumps over, and the younger boy (dressed in a coat and hat) looks on. In the distance along the road can be seen a number of buildings.

The camera cuts to the father emerging from a woodland path holding what appears to be a small movie camera. A brief shot follows of a waterfall situated in a park area near woodland. The three children and the woman stand in a circle and play catch with a ball, their father joins in.

Two women walk towards the camera. The younger of the two boys seen previously plays catch with a ball, the father throwing it to him with the mother stands behind them.

The film cuts to the dog splashing around in water on a beach. A young boy catches the ball as it is rolled on the ground towards him.

The film cuts to a view along the river Tees, with the imposing outline of Barnard Castle on top of a rocky outcrop. The scene changes to a view showing  the Cleveland Hillands with Roseberry Topping in the distance. The children run towards their mother who is standing next to a motorbike and sidecar.

Sheep in a field run away from the camera, another shot shows sheep and lambs grazing.

The film cuts to show the Middlesbrough registered car seen previously parked on another grass verge. Two women and a young boy are in high spirits and spontaneously jump up and down. The older boy in a raincoat plays with one of the girls in the road and are joined by the two women. The boy has a small broken branch from a bush or tree in his hand. The group kick a tin can along the roads. The father appears and dances with one of the women along the road, twirling her round and round.

One of the women and the older boy climb over a fence or gate into a field, then climb back over again. The enjoys a picnic.

A general view of a small weir on the river Skell, in the grounds of Fountains Abbey followed bya view of its ruined tower. The camera pans left to show the stark outline of the ruins, including the remains of a large arched window. More general views follow of the ruins.

The film cuts to a woman seated on a grass ledge with the father of the children seen earlier standing behind her. The camera pans left to another woman who looks at the camera. A brief general view of the Fountains Abbey ruins cuts to the solitary figure of the younger boy standing on a broad grass path. The camera pans left as the elder boy and sister runs towards the camera. All three of the children pose for the camera. The younger boy on his own looks at the camera, cutting to him lying on the ground looking very upset.

The film changes to show a car (Durham registration UP 6168) travelling along a road as part of a pageant or parade watched by a crowd standing on the pavement. A breakdown truck passes adorned with notices such as ‘Breakdown Ambulance’ and ‘Drive Slowly’. The garage to which it belongs has it’s sign painted on the side of the vehicle, which reads ‘The Teesdale Car Co.’ ‘Morris Agents’.

Another decorated lorry drives past advertising Green Olive Soap(?) followed by a car (Newcastle registered VK 6556). A small girl stands with her head and shoulders out of the sun roof. The car is decorated with balloons and streamers.

A jazz band marches past, their banner reads ‘West Hartlepool Jazz Band’, followed by children in fancy dress and adults. Another jazz band marches past, their banner reads, ‘Haswell Jolly Boys Jazz Band’. The film ends on a man dressed in a woman’s costume.

Title: The End