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A narrative based home movie produced by Peter Dobing of a four day family holiday to the Yorkshire coast, visiting Scarborough, Whitby and Goathland. The weather on this trip is terrible and the film includes many views of the family in rain coats soaked through. However, the rain doesn’t put them off visiting some interesting sites including a trip on the Scarborough Funicular, swimming in an open air pool and a journey on the North Bay Railway through Peasholm Park. At Whitby Peter and sister Ann climb to the top of West Pier Lighthouse and the film ends with the family visiting Mallyan Spout waterfall near Goathland.

Title: Family Foursome

Title: An Account of 4 Day Holiday August 1951

Title: Sunday. Scarborough. Glorious Weather

Travelling shot from a train passing through Sandsend with people walking along the wet and windy promenade followed by shots of the family in the train.

Th esea is stormy and people in rain coats and mackintoshes walk along the promenade. Two pairs of feet walk up rain-drenched steps. The outdoor swimming pool is empty.

Inside a tea room, the family sit at a table drinking tea and chatting.

A sign above the entrance reads ‘Tram to Cliff Top’ and the Dobing family go inside to buy their tickets. General views of the Scarborough funicular going up and down.

Along the seafront near to the funicular general views of people in the rain. A United bus travels by. A view of heavy rain clouds changes to show Ann and her father standing together on the promenade in their rain coats with Ann wiping rain from her face. Peter turns up his coat collar.

Title: Monday. Whitby

A steam train arrives at a station platform.  A  train enters Whitby Station, Whitby Abbey on the cliffs in the distance.

A trawler boat comes through the open Swing Bridge heading out to sea. The bridge closes again. General views of the harbour and sightseers walking past fishing nets hanging out to dry. An artist paints the scene with pen and ink. More views of nets and lobster pots along the sea front follows. Ann holds two sticks of candyfloss, which she and Peter begin to eat.

Views of men fishing from a quayside and someone swimming in the choppy sea. The family walk along Whitby’s west pier. Ann helps her mother with her headscarf.

Peter and Ann climb to the top of the West Pier Lighthouse as their parents sit on a bench nearby. From the top Ann, waves to her parents below where other tourists and the harbour can be seen. Peter takes a photograph.

Title: Going down, sir?

The camera shakes as it pans down the lighthouse while at the bottom Peter and Ann come out of the lighthouse hand-in-hand. They come and sit with their parents.

Title: Pop throws a biscuit

In the harbour, gulls dive on food thrown in the water.

Title: Tuesday Scarborough

General view along the quayside at Scarborough twith wo ferries and a three masted sailing ship.

The film cuts to the promenade and large waves crashing oton the seawall splashing those walking past including Ann.

Title: Up to her neck!

Ann does the backstroke in an open air swimming pool. General views of people swimming and diving into the pool while others watch from the side. A man dives into the pool from a board followed by a second man filmed in reverse diving out of the pool over a third man. Peter and Ann swim together in the pool or sit poolside.

Title: Afternoon excursion

General views of a miniature steam locomotive pulling carriages around Peasholm Park including travelling shots from the train itself.

Title: Wednesday Goathland

Peter and Ann walk carefully down a hill towards the village of Goathland. The family walk around the village and go through a gate of a property with a large sign hanging down that reads ‘The Firs Private Hotel’. A wooden bird sits on the top of the sign.

A second sign reads ‘This way to Mallyan Spout’. General views of the family walking along a path with a wall on one side and woods on the other. As their parents sit on a stone bench, Peter and Ann climb over rocks along West Beck. General views of Mallyan Spout waterfall.

The family return to Goathland along the path. Peter trips and falls and his sister laughs at him. The film ends back in Goathland with the family sitting on the ground next to a bus stop.

Title: The end