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NEFA 22243



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This amateur film shows family life in a small village in County Durham, probably Cornsay Colliery, including chidren on Christmas Day, with family trips to Knaresborough and the seaside.

The film opens with portrait shots of a young boy. Two young boys are playing in the family home. Shot of  the top of a Christmas tree. [Dark footage] The same two boys play in the snow outside the family home,

General view of a tourist pleasure boat on the river. A travelling view from the boat follows showing tree lined hills and large houses. General view of a lake or reservoir and surrounding hills. Two women stand in front of a stone wall, and nearby the two young boys sit next to an older woman. Next, a visit to a large public park with lawns and flower beds. In the distance there are fields and a forest in the distance. Views follow of a building with castellations and the wall of a reservoir.

A family visit to the coast follows. Some adults and young children visit a castle, or a ruined church.

Next there's a general view of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, followed by a view of a small three sail boat.

A man and woman with two small children emerge from a house and walk to a sign which reads 'Cornsay Colliery' (west of Durham City, near to Esh Winning).

General view of a seaside pier and children riding on ponies along the beach, with their parents nearby. Next, children play in a garden, one sitting on a swing, another on a small tricycle.The two young boys now play in pedal cars, their father following behind.