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YFA 1429



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This family film includes footage of the family in their home as well as during their leisure time at the seaside.

The film begins with a day-by-day wall calendar that states the day "October 13 Friday" and is mounted on a plaque which reads "Gilchrist Bros. Ltd Photo Engravers. 1939. Leeds. Telegram Illustrate".

A woman holds a baby and brushes its hair, feeds it milk from a bottle and then wraps it in a blanket. She often looks up to smile at the camera. There then follows a sequence of close ups on objects, including a cup shot from above, a comb, a watering can in its side, and a gas lantern with "609" inscribed on it, amongst other things.

There is then a brief segment which appears upside down. From this point on, we can assume footage must have been shot at a later date as the actual film for this segment is marked with symbols which state its year of production as being 1945. People stand on a beach, the sea visible, with a white dog. The film then returns to being the right way up. The sea rolls up on the beach; people paddle and sit on the sand. There is a woman stood at a palm reading machine which costs "one penny" and includes directions: "Place coin in slot. Hold hand down firmly on the plate". Two men ride in a paddleboat and an old woman wearing a red patterned head scarf knits whilst sitting on a deckchair.

Two women, one in a green coat and the other in brown, walk down a grassy path together. Men play polo, some in orange shirts and the opposing team in blue.

Returning to the beach, two small children run towards the sea carrying a yellow dinghy.

A man, sitting at the back, a woman, and four children ride on a wooden, open topped horse drawn carriage. Written on the front and side is "Burrs". A boy on a bicycle passes them to the left and a woman crosses the street behind them. In the background there is a red bricked factory. A young boy alights and runs onto the pavement where a young boy, a man and two women are walking. A boy feeds the horse something out of his hand.

On the beach, a man and boy are playing a game of cricket. The man bowls and the child misses. Whilst going to retrieve the ball he pushes a small girl wearing a pink costume out of his way, seemingly slightly annoyed. He manages to bat the ball on his second attempt, and another boy runs to fetch it. A woman in a pink dress then becomes the bowler.

A group walks down the beach, from left to right: a shirtless boy in green knee length shorts, a man in a casual grey suit with open collar and a green shirt, a woman wearing white shoes and a white dress with multi-coloured polka dots, a small boy with black shorts, a smaller girl wearing a swimsuit and carrying a bucket who is holding the hand of a woman wearing a green V-neck dress.

The children play once again in the sea with the dinghy, the little girl with a ring. A rather sunburnt looking woman wearing a bright patterned swimsuit assists them.

A little boy in a blue shirt goes for a donkey rude along the streets. He is accompanied by a man who rides in the middle and a child on a donkey sat on the other side of the man.

The film then changes from colour to black and white and to children playing in a garden, a baby sitting in a high chair, and what appears to be a living room scene (this footage is underdeveloped and very difficult to see) as there is an armchair in the foreground. A child plays with a spinning toy.

A group including children eat what looks like a broth or thick soup outside, a woman spoons it into a bowl and they eat off a single wooden chair, using it as a table. A very little girl finishes her meal and begins to run away. A man bends down and speaks to her; she looks very happy and laughs. They all gather around a rabbit run (a wooden frame with wire mesh walls). There is a white rabbit which they all watch. A man pulls one little boy along on a wooden board with wheels attached at the bottom and a long handle with which to pull. Another little boy attempts to climb on and fails. They stop so he can get back on. The laughing little girl from before watches. A white dog looks at the rabbit in the run and wags its tail.

The film goes briefly upside down, starts running backwards, and goes back to being in colour. A different dog, black, runs around.

The right way up, two women and a man stand in a garden facing away from the camera. A smoking man wearing a red stripy jumper and a black suit jumps over a wicker chair. A grey haired man in a casual polo shirt mixes a drink and smokes in front of deck chairs and an umbrella.

Someone off-screen dips a net into a pond, another man dips in a bucket and then proceeds to throw water in the air. The man with a net catches a fish. They also attempt to catch a frog. A woman wearing a patterned dress with sleeves up to her elbow watches.