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NEFA 21601



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A home movie believed to have been made by Victor Sidney Carman focusing on a young family between 1968 and 1975. The film follows the progress of a girl and boy from babies showing them often playing on a swing or a slide in a children's play area at Heaton in Newcastle. They are also filmed with their mother at Hexham and South Shields. The film also records a number of steam rallies as well as a visit by the Sir Nigel Gresley steam train to the region.

The film begins on a man playing with a baby in a garden. The film cuts to a park where the child is now sitting in a pram followed by the child sitting in a high chair in a different garden.

The film cuts to show the child, now a toddler, inside a house on a swing and then walking around a living room. [Dark] The toddler sits in high chair at the head of a table laid out with food and a cake.

The film cuts to show a woman sitting on a bench holding a baby and a young girl sitting next to her. General views show the woman and children at various locations including walking along a street, sitting on a wall beside a beach, walking along the platform of South Shields Railway Station and walking along a path besides a bowling green with Hexham Abbey in the background.

The film cuts to show views from a steam rally with visitors looking over various tractions engines and a steam organs. Children jump around on trampolines followed by a parachutist who comes into land with smoke trailing behind him.

At a railway station the woman and girl wave at a train as it speeds past. The film cuts to The Sele, a park area in Hexham, where the family play together. In the background a Hexham Abbey can be seen. The sequence ends with them sitting together by a mechanical donkey that is in a shop doorway.

The film cuts to a newly married couple coming out of a church. Family and friends pose with them for official photographs [some ghosting].

The film cuts to show traction engines moving slowly around a show field. A fire engine drives past with a number of women hanging off the side. The lettering above one of the traction engines reads 'Auto Serving Whitley Bay'. Another parachutist comes into land. A bagpipe marching band passes.

The film cuts to show the girl dancing in a garden. The family play with a dog in a park.

The steam train Sir Nigel Gresley speeds past. At a railway station, the train comes to a stop and there are views of people standing around admiring the engine. The nameplate on the front of the engine reads 'The Tynesider'.

[Dark] At Newcastle Central Station a passenger train comes into a platform.

The girl is filmed walking to school and crossing the playground at Chillingham Road School in Newcastle. Children looking into the lenses mob the cameraperson. General views of children playing in the playground.

The film ends with a boy playing with a boat on a pond, he is joined by a man. Both of them are filmed without heads.