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YFA 451



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Made by Charles Chislett, this is a film of a family holiday in the Lake District. The film includes many scenic views of the Lake District which are accompanied with descriptive intertitles.

The film begins with the gardener lighting his pipe, followed by Chislett's young son, John, in a blue outfit and black cap, copying him with his toy pipe, and helping the elderly man dig in the garden.

Intertitle - . . . But a chap deserves some recreation, now and then

John sits on the garden steps, playing with his toy car. He is joined by his older sister, Rachel. They walk through the flowers in the garden.

Intertitle - With the spring in the woods, one gets that "picnic" feeling

There are fields at the back of the Chislett house, and John pushing his large red toy car. Rachel has a pram. She takes a doll and a fluffy rabbit out of the pram and places them on the grass. John picks them up and places them in his car. Rachel plays with a hula-hoop.

Intertitle - Northwards towards the hills

They drive through Yorkshire passing buttercup fields, cows, a church and woodland on the way.

Intertitle - Just before sunset . . . Windermere. As the shadows flood the valleys, lakes gleam with an eerie light, and hills take to themselves a new mystery and majesty. We skirt Rydal Water, Grasmere, Thirlmere, Derwentwater as the shadows deepen, and enter Borrowdale with the night

Windermere is shown as the sun sets over the horizon.

Intertitle - Next morning we explore

Rachel and John come out of the holiday house holding hands. They take buckets down to the stream that runs by their cottage.

Intertitle - The Family's Progress

Rachel pulls a small boat along a path followed by John pushing a wheelchair. The two of them pick buttercups. There is a farm yard border collie. Grace holds a small lamb. Rachel and John walk on some stepping stones over a stream. The children play in the stream with boats, and then walk over a sty and over a bridge. There is a sign for Castle Crag.

Intertitle - Heavy clouds linger over Sca Fell and Great Gable

We are shown the surrounding mountains, hills and lakes.

Intertitle - Rosenthwaite and Langstrath

John climbs through a tree with two trunks.

Intertitle - The bridge by the local "lido" produces lovely reflections

The light from the stream is shown reflecting in many colours on the roof of a low stone bridge.

Intertitle - The bridge becomes a local forum when the eels are lively

Four men in cloth caps lean over the bridge fishing for eels.

Intertitle - Next morning - up Great Gable via Seatoller, Seathwaite, Sty Head Tarn, Little Hell Gate, and back by Green Gable and Sourmilk Gill

On their walk, they stop by a farm where a group of young walkers, three women and a man, are petting a dog. They follow the group, all carrying knapsacks on their backs, as they walk across country and up a hill. Someone has written '1000' on a large rock. One of the walkers climbs up onto another rock. The walkers continue along next to a stream and pass a sign which has been vandalised. They continue up a mountain path, negotiating some tricky climbs.

Intertitle - Up the gully to inspect . . .

At the top they look down on the view of the valley below and start to make their way down and across before ascending again. At the top they sit and have sandwiches, and one of the women rubs cream onto her exposed legs. They make their way down, stopping at a stream and bending down as if to drink. They return to the farm where the Chislett car (ADT 109) is parked, and again pet the dog.

Intertitle - Who's for a bathe before the dew's off the cobwebs in the grass?

Cobwebs on the grass shine with dew. Two men accompany Rachel down to the river where one of them goes paddling and then dives in.

Intertitle - Later we travel further afield via Keswick and Bassenthwaite to Seascale

They get into their car and drive off, stopping by a river and a lake. A horse drawn carriage passes by carrying holidaymakers. They visit a museum, with Rachel admiring a penny farthing. Rachel then picks some flowers overlooking a lake. They have a picnic on a beach, with John eating an orange and sitting next to a kite, and then playing in the sand. Rachel sits in the shallows of the sea as the waves come in.

Intertitle - Home via Eskdale and Coniston

There is a beautiful sunset over the beach, and the next day blossom. Again Rachel plays by a river next to an old stone bridge. Looking over Coniston, a baby owl sits on the ground.

Intertitle - Over the Honister Pass, where we scramble for a while, to Buttermere and Crummock Water

The children get into the family car, where a man brings them a plate of fish. They go for a walk over Honister Pass. The children climb up onto a rock.

Intertitle - Buttermere lies in the "secret valley" to which the women and children of the Cumbrian Hills were evacuated when Ethelred attempted the conquest of the north west in the year 1000

Lake Buttermere is filmed.

Intertitle - Crummockwater, further up the valley, changes its colour with every bend of the road

Crummock Water is filmed.

Intertitle - You can watch the fish as in an aquarium

The fish are shown in the shallow waters of the lake, where Rachel and John play, accompanied by Grace and another woman. They walk around the edge of the lake. Rachel and John make themselves a little paddling pool out of rocks. Grace pours them each a large glass of milk, and later they go over by the flowers.

Intertitle - Home by Newlands

Newlands valley and its surroundings are filmed. A farmer takes a sheep and shears it by hand. He then does another one with Rachel watching close up. He holds up the fleece to show. John sits by a lake and Rachel gets in. A man stands at the gate of a hotel, with John playing outside. They make a couple of stops on their way home, before we see Rachel, John and another small girl playing on a slide. There are more views of a lake and then Rachel, John and another small girl and boy walk over a narrow timber bridge, accompanied by Grace and another woman. The children play in a field. They all gather wood and make a fire next to a lake. They later climb a tree, with Rachel and the other girl sat on a branch being bounced up and down by a Chislett.

Elsewhere, the children again play by a lake, and make another fire to boil some eggs. They go out to the misty mountains, where Chislett and two of the children stand in the bracken brushing off midges. The two girls walk hand-in-hand over a hill and stop to have some Fruit Gums. They walk up an incline and then run back down in their waterproof clothing. Chislett stands high up with a map looking over at the views. They go walking through the mist. A farmer herds his sheep, and they go down to a lake with boats.

Intertitle - All packed up for home

The family car is parked by a lake with luggage strapped to the back. Down by the water's edge, two dogs fight over a stick in the lake. The film finishes showing water lilies and flowers.