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A Tyne Tees Television Newsview magazine report originally broadcast on 24 September 1964 on the eviction of the Hall family from a slum flat in the West End of Newcastle.  

The report begins from the backyard of number two Waverley Terrace in the West End of Newcastle as a Tyne Tees reporter speaks to camera. A flat in this house is the home to Mr David Hall, his wife and nine of their ten children. It is in a very poor state of repair for which they pay £3 17s 6d a week. Things are going to get tougher for the Halls as, the report says, they are to be evicted. The reporter goes inside.

Mr Hall sits at a table reading a newspaper. The reporter joins him and starts the interview. Mr Hall doesn’t know why he is being evicted, he brings out his rent book to show to the reporter, it is fully paid up.

Mr Hall is asked about the condition of the flat which he replies is ‘deplorable’. A view of the upstairs toilet follows which Mr Hall says doesn’t and hasn’t ever worked properly. This is followed by a view of a dirty and broken sink with a dripping tap. In the kitchen, a kettle steams on a gas cooker beside two large ceramic sinks.

Views follow of the upstairs attic which Mr Hall says is unusable because the roof leaks and the floor is weak. He installed a light for his children who used the room for one night, but he had to take them out because of the rain pouring in through leaks in the roof, which are clearly visible.

Mr Hall says that, before the family moved in, they had to strip the whole building before it could be fumigated, for which he had to pay 32s 6d for the rubbish to be taken away by the corporation. He and his wife don’t know where they will go once they are evicted. They haven’t slept for weeks. They hope the family won’t be separated.

In another part of the property, the reporter interviews Councillor Benny Abraham, Chairman of Newcastle’s Eviction Committee. He believes it would be a simple job to rehouse the Halls as his committee have systems in place within Newcastle to deal with such families. They’ve had to deal with about 1200 similar cases in the past 20 months. It's a problem especially in the west end. He believes it is wrong that the landlord is evicting the Halls especially since he is getting such a huge rent from ‘this shack’.

The film ends with the reporter speaking to camera advising that the landlord, Mr Muhammad Tufail has refused on two occasions to comment on this case.