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YFA 3712



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Part of the Freeman collection, this is a short film which features footage of gliders in the countryside, Billy Smart's Circus at Bridlington, and the Grand Bed Race.

The film opens with two boys playing by the river. Birds can be seen flying in the sky, there is a shot of a scenic country lane, and gliders take off and land in a field.

Boats are on the river at Foxton Top Lock. There is a shot of the locks as well as a sign for Foxton Bottom Lock.

The next scene opens with a sign for Billy Smart's Circus Bridlington August 12-17. There is a shot of the circus tent followed by the circus parade through the streets of Bridlington. There are performers who ride elephants as well as other floats.

Sign - Grand Bed Race Start

Various teams run their beds though a division in the crowd of people gathered along the street. Each team is in fancy dress theme to go along with their decorated bed. At the finish line, different teams can be seen completing the race.