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YFA 2457



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film contains scenes of the village, a religious ceremony at the local church, and the filmmaker's children playing together and work on the farm.

The film opens with a shot of the village church and the surrounding area. The congregation is gathered around a monument near the entranceway where a ceremony is performed by the priest. After the blessing, the crowd disperses and makes their way down the sidewalk.

The next scenes are taken at the filmmaker's home. The mother and son are standing on the drive, and other children come out of the house. They are all bundled in winter coats, and the family smiles for the camera.

Later on in the year, it's a sunny and warm day, and there are people relaxing in the garden. Boys play football in the back garden, and the girls run around with a small tennis rackets. The children are enjoying themselves while they play. The children then pose in front of the house for a picture. Many of the neighbourhood children and teenagers have come out to play. There is a brief shot of a woman who feeds a dog, and this is followed by some of the younger girls playing with a hula-hoop.

There is a brief shot of mothers and their children playing golf. This is followed by people coming out of the local church after a Sunday service. Many of them smile or wave at the camera as they come out of church.

Members of the community wait on the corner of the street. Many of them hold small bags, and other passers-by can be seen including a man on a tractor and another man hauling a bundle of wood. A tour bus arrives, and everyone makes their way onto the coach. The day-trippers arrive at their destination, and some people sit against a stone wall where they eat their picnic lunch. The next scenes take place on the beach at Scarborough. The beach is full of people in deckchairs, and many lay in the sun. Children and teenagers can also be seen on some of the amusement rides, and one of the teenagers on the trip can be seen wearing sunglasses.

Back at the village, there are more external shots in the front garden. In the village, a man walks up on of the streets, and some traffic passes by.

The film ends with scenes of the harvester in the field. As the tractor moves along, the attached machine creates bales of hay. These are automatically loaded onto a flatbed trailer attached to the back of the tractor. Two girls help ride with one of the farmworkers on the back of the trailer. Once the bales of hay are collected from the fields, they are then returned to the barn where they are loaded onto a conveyor belt.