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YFA 3175



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A film by an amateur filmmaker, Stephen Hamilton, who is from the Mexborough area of South Yorkshire, captures family holidays and his daughter's second birthday.

The film opens with shots of birthday cards for a two year old piled along the top of a mantelpiece. Then the scene changes and there are some children including Julia's daughter, Clair, splashing about in a small lake in Clifton Park, Rotherham. A little girl comes down a slide, followed by Julia and Clair. There are shots of them on various amusement rides and then back at the lake, Julia and another couple get their children ready for the water.

In the next section, they are on Mablethorpe beach in Lincolnshire. Julia and another woman walk around on the beach and joke for the camera. The tide has gone all the way out so they kick a ball around, while Stephen runs around the beach after Clair. The baby has a star fish on her spade, which she shows to people and pokes at with her finger.

Next scene opens with a slightly older Clair running around in a circle in her back yard beside a new-born baby; she goes over to him and gives him a kiss..

There is a lot of footage of the animals at Scarborough Zoo. There are shots of another couple posing for the camera and then they all watch a dolphin show and go on a rollercoaster. After this, they all take a trip on a boat and there are lots of close up shots of Clair smiling at the camera as well as the other couple.

Family and friends have gathered outside Mexborough church for the christening of Julia and Stephen's son, Shane. The guests stand outside talking, smoking and posing with their children.

The young children are having donkey rides on the beach. Julia and her friends joke about and try to push each other into the sand. Then the scene changes to the house that they are staying in where Stephen sits the two children. He carries one in each arm and walks towards the camera smiling. There is a shot of the beach and the message `Mablethorpe Sept 1976, Stephen, Judy & Clair and Shane', written in the sand.

Julia and Clair are on a merry-go-round. This is followed by shots of other couples on the beach with their kids and more donkey rides. The final shots are taken at night on the side of the road in Blackpool as trams and buses drive by with illuminated designs and lights on the side. The Blackpool tower is also lit up.