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YFA 3176



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Made by amateur filmmaker, Stephen Hamilton, from the Mexborough area of South Yorkshire, this film captures some of the birthday parties for Clair and Shane, as well as family holidays to Scarborough and Blackpool and a birthday trip to Belle Vue Zoo in Manchester.

The film opens with shots of a slightly older Clair playing on Blackpool beach. There are shots of the main street in Blackpool, the tower, the horses and carts. Then the scene changes to the Hamilton house on Christmas day. There is a shot of a Christmas tree and then of lots of Christmas presents piled up around the room. Clair comes into the room and is very excited to see all of the toys. Shane is sitting in the middle of a chair with a pile of presents around him. He is too young to be able to unwrap them. This is followed by a long sequence of shots showing Clair opening her presents and both of the children playing with their toys.

Next shot shows lots of birthday cards for a 1 year old, lined up along the mantelpiece. Shane is in his high chair with a birthday cake and there are also shots of him playing with toys. Then there are shots of Shane playing outside with his sister.

The following section opens with shots of more birthday cards on the mantelpiece, but this time they are for a 3 year old. Clair has a crown on her head and is dressed in a gold costume with a cloak. It seems to be a birthday party on the theme of the Silver Jubilee which was celebrated on February 6th 1977. Clair sits against a Union Jack flag with her costume and smiles at the camera; two friends stand beside her smile at the camera. There is a little party set up in the yard for the Silver Jubilee and Clair's birthday. The children joke for the camera, making faces and opening their mouths when they are eating.

There is a sequence of brief shots of the children on amusement rides and then on the beach having donkey rides, followed by another trip to watch the dolphin show. The final shots are taken from a small plane looking down onto the coast with a huge caravan park spread across the countryside.

Additional information included with the film:
Shane's 1st birthday - February 27th, 1977, Clair is looking on
Clair's 3rd Birthday - birthday Party combined with Jubilee (one day early) On the film are the following people: Clair and Shane, Pratt, Sharon, Sheryl, Shaun, and Stephon, Ogley, Georgena Milward, Sharon and Susan Wilkinson, PS and Julia Pratt
Monday 6th June, 1977, Clair's ture birthday today - Her parents, brother Shane, and Nanan-Jeeves, took Clair out for the day to Belle Vue Zoo, Manchester
Tues 7th to Saturday 11th June 1977 - Holiday at Scarborough
Sunday 12th June 1977 Clair and Shane with Tortoises in our yard