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YFA 1995



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This film contains family scenes in the countryside and trips to Bolton Abbey and Burnsall. There are brief snippets feature women playing mixed cricket and bowls matches, while there are also interesting scenes that employ trick photography towards the end of the reel.

The opening sequence shows a family outing to Bolton Abbey and Burnsall. There are brief shots of the Abbey and the bridge at Burnsall, with expansive views of the surrounding countryside. Two women wearing long coats and bonnets have a picnic on a hillside; one woman has a baby on her knee. A man then joins the mother and her child for the following shot, before a brief view captures their parked motorcar.

The next sequence opens with a woman in a dressing gown and night cap lifting a baby out of its cot, before the bathing the baby in a miniature bath. There is a brief comic clip involving a man in a night-shirt who pretends to wake up, turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep. The mother then puts the baby in its pram (highly typical of the period) and various shots capture women in the garden picking flowers, holding the baby and sitting in deck chairs on the lawn.

The film then moves on to rural scenes. A farmer cuts corn using a horse drawn reaper, before a close up show the farmer posing astride the machine. A tractor is then shown harvesting a field as a dog running ahead, and the following shot captures a farmer bundling the sheaves together.

There are brief shots of a nurse walking along a country road and meeting up with the baby and her mother; the nurse holds the baby up in front of the camera. Woman in cricket whites walk out onto the field past the camera. A woman wearing a grey skirt bowls a ball, jogging past the male umpires, before a shot captures the wicket keeper smiling by the stumps. Men then walk onto the field - some in whites others in suits - and a brief shot captures a panoramic view of the cricket match with spectators visible in the stands.

A man cuts the grass using a lawnmower in his best suit, tie and hat. He stops to mop his brow and gets out a cigar. His wife stops picking flowers, strikes a match and throws it out of shot. The man appears to catch match, using it to light the cigar. A couple arrive in a car and the family play bowls on the lawn. One ball, bowled by a female player, comes to rest in close proximity to the white, and the men use measuring sticks to judge whether it is the winning shot. Two children play in the garden with a hand propelled toy car and a miniature wheelbarrow. They then help their mother carry the baby.

A nurse brings a baby out of a building, a sign above the door reads, "Surgical Home", and she comes to the camera for a close-up. Two more nurses do the same thing with the same baby, after which the nurse and mother pull baby around on the lawn in a high chair on wheels.

The next sequence uses trick photography; a woman sits at a table talking to a slightly translucent superimposed version of herself. From above, the filmmaker looks down on a writing desk, where a woman scribbles notes below several letter tiles that read, 'DKB Films'. Reverse motion is then employed, showing a man at a table drinking milk, smoking a cigarette and eating a sandwich backwards. The man then sits in a chair looking at a photo album, and the images from the album are superimposed (rather roughly) beside him. Reverse motion is then again employed on a shot featuring workman walking backwards down a lane.

Title - Dr Thomas Harkness.

Dr Thomas sits at his desk scribbling notes and looks up, saying something to camera. A shot then shows a nurse and another man placing bandages around an injured man's head.

Title - Shadows in the woods.

A brief image shows darkened woodland with subtle, ghostlike superimposed images. Sped up shots then shows scenes with the baby playing in the house and walking around the garden path with the maid. A man in black suit, tie and slicked back hair sits at a piano, and proceeds to thumb through a book of sheet music. A woman takes over and plays the piano, before a woman appears and sings an accompaniment. After their rendition, a woman sat in an arm chair applauds vigorously and a male piano player gives a standing ovation. The parents then play with the baby in the sitting room for an extended period of time.

Title - Ta Tas.

The mother leaves the house carrying a child, closely followed by a maid. The mother puts the baby in a pram, and then places a blanket over the baby before setting off towards the camera.