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YFA 3450



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This amateur film shows the filmmaker's children growing up in their early years.  It includes footage of Christmas celebrations, birthday parties, and time at home.

The film opens with a black and white sequence showing the filmmaker's son standing up in a cot in his pyjamas.  Later in a dressing gown he goes down stairs to the Christmas tree and starts to open his presents.  The boy sits among a small pile that has built up around him. He proceeds to examine and play with them.

The film then cuts to show brief scenes of a snowball fight in the middle of a snow covered residential street.  Back inside the house we see the boy give himself a bath, dry himself and dress.  He then gets into a bed that is covered with toys and starts holding them up to the camera. One present is a Native American headdress made of large feathers that he promptly puts on his head.

Moving on it is his birthday and he has a party with other children. They sit at a table laid out with party food.  The mother then brings through a cake that has four candles for him to blow out.  The mother comes up with her baby daughter in her arms and cuts the cake and the children then dance about.  Later a shot shows brother and baby sister pose together.

A brief colour sequence outside on some grass smiling and drinking milk.  Back to black and white and interior scenes show the children playing together.  The baby girl then gets in a small tub by the fire and her brother helps give her a bath.

He then plays with his train set whilst his sister stands and watches.  Close ups show the train going around. The girl then plays on a rocking horse.

The film cuts to a colour sequence where the children are in the garden feeding a goat.  They play with a hula hoop and on a see-saw.  An underexposed sequence shows the young girl in a tent.

Back to black and white and it's Christmas time.  A panning shot shows the tree and some of the presents such as a model boat.  The children come in, play and unwrap more presents.  They are joined by their mother who helps the boy get on his largest present - a new bicycle.  Later the daughter is given a bath by the front room fire, dried and put in her night clothes.

At a swimming bath the children swim.  The mother helps the daughter to swim who is in a rubber ring.  The child floats and kicks whilst the mother holds her shoulders and walks up and down the pool.

A colour sequence then shows the interior of the house and the mother and children decorating the Christmas tree.  They all hang baubles, and then the mother holds up the boy so he can place a star at the top.  They stand back and the lights are switched on, they all clap.  The children then hang their stockings on the fireplace before getting into bed.  The film then cuts to show them in the morning, they leap up and open presents that have been left at the end of the bed.  The mother comes in and helps the daughter.  The film closes with the boy getting a cowboy suit which he promptly puts on and stands on the bed to pose.