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YFA 3449



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A film that shows a family on holidays they ski, canoe, and go camping.  Locations include Aysgarth Falls.

The film opens in the Yorkshire Dales near Aysgarth Falls where we a group of adults and children relaxing together.  A small child plays with a toy boat in the shallows.  There are brief scenes of them camping in the woods and having some food.

They take a walk around Aysgarth Falls where a women poses.  The film returns to the campsite where a group of adults cook food on camping stoves and they all sit down to eat.  Brief views of them hill walking on a summer’s day.

The film cuts to show them all on a ski slope, they get their skis for the cars and adults and children alike.  The children are helped by the adults to ski, one very small child has an adult hold them up as they can't yet balance.

A comical sequence follows where we see a ski poke out of the snow.  Slowly it moves up and down to reveal that someone has buried themselves for a joke.  They all continue to ski, sometimes larking about and falling over in the snow.

Moving on, the group is now by a lake, and the children wave and pose.  Panning shots show the lake and surrounding area as the mother and two children explore.  An extensive sequence shows them paddling at the water’s edge.  One of the children also plays with a dog.

The film then cuts to a town where the family wander about then we see the children playing on a see-saw.  They then continue to take a walk around a lake.

The film then shows the family and a large group of other adults and children playing about on a grass area near a beach. They then make their way en masse, the children then go and paddle, swim and play in the sand.

Moving on the family visit a castle, the filmmaker shows both the tourists and panning shots of the historic architecture.  Later they have ice creams on the pier of an unknown harbour.

At another beach the family enjoy that water the father and son play and splash together, then the mother paddles holding her daughter so she doesn't fall.  The siblings then sit in a rowing boat, the girl looks into the water whilst the boy attempts to move the heavy oars.  The film moves on to show more scenes of them and others swimming.

There are brief scenes in the countryside where a large group have set up camp, as they relax at their tents we see the green hills behind them.  Back at the family home men get canoes off the roof of the house where they have been stored and attach them to the roof of a car.  They then proceed to drive off.

At a large pebbled beach we see two men take a canoe down to the sea before jumping in it and setting off.  The film then cuts to show two children canoeing together in shallow water near a pier.  They then come into shore and get out of the boat.  The sequence continues showing the group getting in and out of the boat and continuing to row about in the water.

The film closes at a zoo entitled Pans Garden. The filmmaker shows various animals including a snowy owl and a kangaroo.